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2021 HuntingLife Gift Guide

HuntingLife Gift Guide

Henry Steel Wildlife Edition Side Gate

The beautiful scroll work on this rifle is done in 24k gold leaf. The rifles come in .30-30 and .45-70 and look amazing on the dark steel. We especially like the .45-70 Steel Wildlife Edition, and the moose and bear images engraved on this rifle are exceptional. The new side gate makes this rifle beautiful and fast to reload. We call it one of the sweetest shooting rifles we have had the pleasure of shooting. This is a rifle you should consider for the hunter who loves to stalk or bust through brush. It feels great in your hands and the hunter in your life will fall over in excitement after unwrapping this beauty

Weatherman Folds of Honor Umbrella

Folds of Honor is an outstanding charity that has been working since 2007 on providing educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service members. Weatherman, maker of the world’s best umbrellas, has partnered with Folds of Honor to create an umbrella that is water-resistant and will withstand winds up to 55 mph. The golf umbrella which we tested has a large mesh pocket for storage and a silicone-coated rib you can hang your towel off while golfing. We got this umbrella because at 68 inches it is big enough to use for two people and in the most torrential storms you have a ton of room underneath to shelter from the rain. There are several sizes to choose from. This makes a perfect gift for the American patriot in your family. Weatherman donates $5.00 for each limited edition umbrella purchased directly to the Folds of Honor Foundation.

CamelBak Eddy® + filtered by LifeStraw®, 32oz Bottle with Tritan™ Renew

The CamelBak Eddy® + filtered by LifeStraw® takes the worry out of traveling around the country and around the world. Water is filtered twice to remove bacteria, parasites, and microplastics, and reduce lead, bad taste, chlorine and other unwanted chemicals. The real key to this bottle is that it doesn’t feel like you are having to siphon water out of a 100 foot tube. The water comes through the filter with a steady stream. You know the water is clean, and you will not be short of breath. Staying hydrated is the key to keeping your energy going. Pick a few of these up directly from CamelBak.

Ibex Woolies Baselayers

The growth of quality merino wool base layering has continued well into this year, and the Ibex Woolies Tech Base Layer Bottoms and Ibex Woolies Tech long sleeve crew are some of the best in the industry. These base layers keep you warm and dry by wicking away moisture. They are outstanding for all day use. The woolies are mid-weight base layers and work well without the itch you get with some base layers. Merino wool is a natural odor controller, preventing odor-causing bacteria through fast and efficient wicking. 

CROSSKIX 2.0 Mercury

CROSSKIX Hybrid Footwear are made with sturdy, breathable foam material that is a soft composite for fit and comfort. The wear-moldable footbed provides a customized fit, arch support with holes placed to drain water, and breathability which makes these great fishing and boat shoes for warm weather. These are comfortable and easy to slip on and off, great on a daily basis. 

Ranger Ready P2 Pak

We recommend all hunters pick up the Scent Zero P2Pak by Ranger Ready Repellents. It offers the right protection from biting insects with both body-worn and clothing-worn repellents. Ranger Ready’s Permethrin 0.5% should be applied to clothing, socks, thermals, outerwear, and packs. We also spray this on our dog beds and blankets, and on the cloth seats in our vehicles for extra protection from ticks that can be picked up while in the field. Ranger Ready’s Permethrin lasts for 40 days or 5 washes, and we have a set regimen of re-applying it to our outdoor gear and hunting clothing to ensure that we are fully protected.

The P2Pak also includes Ranger Ready’s Scent Zero Picaridin 20%, which provides 12 hours of protection from ticks and mosquitoes. When we get out of the vehicle our first step before putting on outerwear is a full spray down with their body-worn repellent on all exposed skin. Unlike Deet, Ranger Ready’s Picardin 20% won’t harm your clothing or hunting gear and their Scent Zero line allows us to have full protection while remaining odorless. There really is no need to risk exposure to vector-borne diseases while in the outdoors with the level of protection available today from the Ranger Ready Scent Zero P2Pak. This is the best gift you can give to protect your loved ones from ticks, mosquitoes, and other biting insects.

Viole Straps

We found these in a climbing store in Denver, and they have been an integral part of our kit for the last year. We use them to bind up our hunting blind, tie jackets on to our pack, strap gear to the truck rack and just about anything else we need tied down quickly and easily. These straps come in lengths from 6 inches all the way out to 32 inches. They have an XL Series for tough jobs and a Nano series for small jobs. These were originally created for skiing and biking but we have been using them for hiking, overlanding and hunting. These are easy to use, lightweight, and very reasonable to purchase. Check out

OR Women’s Shadow Insulated Hoodie

Outdoor Retailer produces some outstanding gear, all produced with an eco-conscious mindset.  The VerticalX ECO SR insulation keeps you warm with strong weather resistance. The jacket packs down to fit in just about any nook and cranny in your pack. The hood is insulated and has an elastic draw cord hem. The Shadow Insulated Hoodie has elastic cuffs with thumb loops and lots of internal and external pockets. Our tester liked the wealth of pockets, the lightness of the jacket, the soft fabric and the warmth. Check these out at

Morakniv Garberg with Survival Kit

The Morakniv Garberg with Survival Kit is more than a knife, it is absolutely a survival tool. If you could only have one knife as a tool this is the tool you would want in your kit. The 3.2 mm  thick blade is made from Swedish steel and has a Scandi grind edge that makes it easy to keep sharp and tough enough to split wood easily. The spine is a 90% degree angle to work with the included sharpener or any fire starter. This kit includes reflex paracord that can be attached to the fire starter. Morakniv makes tools that can handle the adventures that only you can dream up.

Yeti Camino 35 Carryall

A bag is a bag is a bag until you get your hands on one of the YETI Camino Carryall bags. The Carryall features the same waterproof, puncture-resistant shell that we know from YETI. This keeps the moisture out no matter where you place the bag and keeps the contents of the bag dry and clean. Alternatively, you can store your muddy and wet gear inside the bag to prevent your car from getting dirty. There is no zipper; it’s simply a tough, sturdy open bag for easy use. Inside, you will find movable (and removable) dividers to organize the contents as needed. Our Camino has held up to everything we have tossed into it, including chili. The chili spilled out of its container and into the bag. The chili was a loss, but the bag simply needed to be washed out with a garden hose. Most importantly, the chili did not leak all over the backseat of my truck due to the waterproof capabilities of the Carryall. The YETI Camino makes a fantastic gift and comes in four colors.

Allett Wallet and Micro Pen

The Allett Hybrid Card Wallet and Micro Pen offers a vertical slim card holding wallet that allows you to carry the cards and cash you need. These wallets are made in the USA and offer RFID blocking technology built with ripstop, weatherproof and bluesign® certified (eco-friendly) fabric. It fits just as nicely in the front pocket as it does in the back pocket. The Micro Pen continues to impress with how handy it is because it is always available and exactly where you think it is, in the wallet and ready for your use. This wallet quickly became a part of my every day carry and it stays because it is useful and well built. The Hybrid Card Wallet and Micro Pen with a full 10 cards is lightweight, secure and useful. Useful gifts are used and remembered for years and years.

Lander Boulder Lantern

Light is a required substance for life in the outdoors. Every day we wake up to the sun and every night we need the moon and we need light. Lander has been working with light for many years, and the Boulder Lantern is the newest powerhouse from Lander. This ultra-bright, 350 lumen LED lantern charges four devices and has over 300 hours of light time, enough for over 20 nights of use on a single charge. The device can be controlled with the free Lander Lighting app and allows you to control the power, dimming, light alarms, settings and strobe. The wire for charging this unit is embedded inside so it is always handy. When you need to charge your device, it is ready. The unit is four inches in diameter and 5.6 inches tall weighing 19.7 ounces or 1.2 pound. The multi-axis tether is adjustable for easy hanging, and the unit has Qi Wireless charging for your phone. The Lander Boulder Lantern is an impressive tool and bright enough for the home, the camp and under the tree.

GoDark Faraday Bag

The GoDark® Faraday Bag is made with proprietary GoDark Technology to provide a Faraday Cage for your mobile device and wallet when you need it. The GoDark technology brings together specifically designed signal blocking protection to give you the protection when you need it. This helps to stop your phone from being hacked and tracked. No signals can come in and no signals can come out, completely protecting your phone from intrusion. We hunt in canyons, deserts and in the mountains to be able to get to places with no cell signal. Now you can just use this bag on any road trip to drop your phone in and instantly your phone cannot be tracked or hacked. You will not be getting any calls tell you that you won the European Lottery. 

Think Tank Freeway Longhaul 75 Duffel

Hunting road trips are a ton of fun but toting all the gear around can be a pain. Duck hunting alone, I need dog food, water bottles, collars, ammunition, snacks, hat, gloves, thermals, etc. Think Tank Photo, which has some serious chops among professional photographers, created the Freeway Longhaul 75 and the Longhaul 50 to carry gear on trips. This large dump bag has over 12 compartments to sort gear with eight pockets on the outside and five different variations depending upon divider placement in the Longhaul 75. The Longhaul 50 has one divider versus the three in the 75. With grab handles, padded shoulder straps and duffel straps this bag is made to move a ton of gear. Built from high quality nylon, water-repellent coatings and YKK zippers it stays open when empty and truly comes together when packed to the gills. The privacy flap will keep everything inside the main compartment secure and out of the eyes of others. The Think Tank Freeway Longhaul 75 is not built for air travel but might just become your most used bag hauling kit just about anywhere you use a vehicle.

Midland GXT1050 Pro Series GMRS Two-Way Radios

Having a quality set of radios is one of the safest things you can have when travelling off the beaten path. Not everywhere you hunt has cell coverage. Our favorite whitetail hunting location has really poor cell coverage on a good day, and when the weather gets a little Western, forget about it. The Midland GXT1050 Pro Series GMRS two-way radios are the best you can have in your hands. They work with all FRS/GMRS two-way radios on the market and come with 700mAh rechargeable batteries. In an emergency these batteries can be swapped out for 4 AA batteries. The radios come with 22 channels and 28 pre-programmed channels, 142 privacy codes, 10 call tones and five animal call tones. The GXT1050 radios offer SOS Sirens, NOAA Weather Alert Radio, and Silent Operation. The set comes with radios, belt clips, batteries, an AC wall adapter, a DC Car Adapter, a pair of headsets, desktop charger and owner’s manual. The GXT1050 complete kit keeps hunters safe, in communication and aware of local changing weather patterns all for under $100.00.

B.A.R.K. Ranger Survival Bandana

The Bark Ranger Bandana is the perfect gift for anyone with a dog. The bandana fits most dogs and the bandana is labelled with eight lists of useful information for any excursion off the beaten path. The Bandana includes a hiking checklist for staying on course, how to navigate dangerous trails, tips on how not to get lost, tips on fire, water, shelter and bandana uses like filtering water and keeping cool from heat exhaustion. This bandana is rated with a UPF of 35 to keep you from getting sunburned. Use it to clean your glasses or as a bandana on your pup to keep track of your favorite woofers. This Bark Ranger Survival bandana is reasonable at under $13.00, and it is a tool that should be a part of your kit like a good compass.

Knockaround Sunglasses

Not everyone needs or wants expensive sunglasses. Depending on the activity, the last thing you want is a pair of expensive sunglasses. A recent trip to the lake emphasized this completely when a friend lost an expensive set of shades. We felt bad for him but glad we had our Knockarounds.i If we lose them, we are out $25.00 for a polarized set and $20.00 for a set that is not polarized.  No one is in the market of throwing away money, but glasses break and sometimes you just need a pair of Knockarounds. We tested the Knockaround Fast Lanes Coyote Calls Polarized and found them to be very workable sunglasses. The color is great and they don’t break the bank.

Wyoming Whiskey National Parks Limited Edition

If you have a whiskey drinker in your family and you are looking for a great gift, look no further than Wyoming Whiskey. This year they are introducing the first edition in an annual series of signature whiskeys. This first edition honors Grand Teton National Park which is home to the majestic Teton mountain range on the western edge of Wyoming. The idea of Wyoming Whiskey was born at the base of these mountains and now they are working to protect the Tetons in partnership with the National Park Foundation, the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service. We enjoyed the full taste of this whiskey with notes of rich chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. This bottle makes a great gift, check out Wyoming Whiskey.

STOX Energy Socks

If you are looking for hunting socks these might be the best alternative we have found on the market. We found these while talking with some folks who were seriously into multi-day hiking trips into the backcountry and who were often hiking 10 to 15 miles per day. They told us about the STOX Energy Socks which offer high tech compression and are made in Italy out of Merino Wool. These compression socks offer a seamless toe that is padded as well as padded on the heel. They offer graduated compression up the calves. When we tested them out, we found they are tight to put on but very quickly feel good. In fact, they felt great for all day use day after day.  What we liked most was the recovery time – after a couple of short hikes we woke up feeling great with zero soreness. Check out

ROAM Adventure Cases

We picked up the ROAM Adventure 160L Rugged Case about 3 months ago. We are actually going to pick up a second and even possibly a third one of these. These are outstanding gear hauling cases with locks to secure gear for adventurous trips. The cases come with hydraulic lifts and military grade seals. They are easy to move with big carry handles. I am comfortable knowing my gear is safe from wind, rain, dust and snow in the back of my vehicle. These are solid good, looking solid cases for real adventurers and they will look great under the tree. Use these to wrap another gift in style.

Addaday Pro Stick Massage Roller

We found the Addaday Pro Stick Massage Roller while looking at the current line-up of massage guns after the Outdoor Retailer show.  Massage guns are great but I couldn’t figure out how I would use it on a hunt if it ran out of batteries or if I needed to roll out my back after coming out heavy after a long day of hunting. The Pro Stick allows me to roll up and down my back, arms, legs and feet quickly and easily, alone or with a partner. Sitting at my desk on weekdays, my feet are constantly rolling back and forth. When I stand up and stretch after a long day, I can hit my lower and upper back quickly. It’s easy to use and has different colored gears to support different muscle groups. This is a great stocking stuffer and it is under $50.00.

Gerber Downwind Series of Knives

We got in a set of these to test several months ago but have not been able to talk about them s because they were not available in the market. The Gerber Downwind Caper is meant for close-up moments of the breakdown process and when you need to make intricate cuts. The Gerber Downwind Drop Point is your all around blade and the Gerber Downwind Ulu design allows you to break down large game in the field. It is a fantastic knife for skinning big animals quickly and efficiently. Gerber hit it out of the park with these blades and offers them at economical prices with wax canvas sheaths that pivot on your belt to make them useful no matter your positioning.  The Gerber Downwind Series are outstanding tools that belong in your kit.

Brutrek Basecamp Travel Press

We had the opportunity to test out the BruTrek BaseCamp Travel Press. The Brutek comes in 32 or 48 ounce versions which are perfect for making coffee. We recommend the 32 ounce version which is great for making coffee for two people. BruTrek has been making French presses for outdoor enthusiasts for over 15 years. The BruTrek is the only press that can stand up to camping, RVing, overlanding and boating and you can even use it at home every single day. If you like great pressed coffee this the press you want because it will still work after rolling around in the bed of your truck. It won’t break because it is solid stainless steel. Buy one as a gift and they will think of you when they are still using it.

The Bali Market Turkish Towel

The Bali Market Turkish Towel has been our go to throughout the year for our travel to campgrounds as well as hotels. After use, I hang it up to dry which it does extremely quickly. I then pack the towel back into a Sea to Summit stuff sack, and it is with me and ready for use. No more dirty hotel towels, no hunting around for a personal towel, this one is ready to go. It looks good, it dries your body effectively, and dries itself quickly. It can also work as just a little extra blanket if you are cold. This towel makes a great gift.

The Ecletticos Nepal Mug

Sometimes you just want a nice coffee cup to go along with a great book. The Ecletticos Nepal Mug is the perfect coffee or tea mug and it looks like a work of art. The mug is large and the wooden handle and the mountain on the side reminds you of great hunts from years past. A little bit of art and a little adventure all mixed into a coffee mug that is worth owning. Check out the Ecletticos Nepal Mug.

The Sierra Madre Blanket

Sierra Madre Blanket gives you a great layer of warmth sitting on your couch reading, working or napping. We sometimes bring ours on camping trips especially in the summer when a sleeping bag is far too warm but the evening is cool enough for a nice blanket. We like the color and how very nice looking this Sierra Madre pattern is. It seems to fit just about everywhere we take it. 

BioLite 750 Headlamp

The BioLite 750 Headlamp is the best headlamp we have had the opportunity to test to date. The 750 gives you tremendous tools to light up the world around you. It includes pass-thru charging which gives you peace of mind in knowing that your headlamp will work all night. The design with the slimfit construction allows you to use this headlamp for long periods of time without headaches. The BioLite 750 headlamp comes with dimmable red, white, strobe and burst mode as well as a red visibility light on the back of the light. The front panel tilts up and down so you can see what you are doing and not blind your hunting partner. The light runs for 150 hours on low so with a single charge you can use the light for a full week without having to recharge. 

California Cowboy Garibaldi Robe

The California Cowboy Garibaldi Robe for men or the La Sirena Robe for women is outstanding.  I picked up one of these for my wife to use on a trip and around the house, and after seeing how comfortable she was I got one for myself. The robe is built for the poolside but works just as well at the campground. Getting out of your tent or walking to the showers, you are comfortable the entire time. The robe has a dry pocket to drop in your phone and tech gear, there is a bottle pocket for your drink, it has a loop for your sunglasses and interior ties. The interior is soft and water-absorbent and it looks great.  California Cowboy even has a long version for those folks in your life who are extra tall.

Pit Command

No one in the world needs a Pit Command but that doesn’t make it any less cool. This high-end fire tool is forged to last a lifetime and it makes an outstanding gift for the dad who likes to play with fire. The Pit Command is made in Pennsylvania out of medium carbon steel with a high heat powder coat. It comes with a built-in hook to lift and reposition logs, a jabber to poke and stir coals and a chopper to cut logs when almost burned down. Wrapped in paracord and comes in two sizes. Get one at

High Camp’s 3-in-1 Highball Shaker

The 3-in-1 Highball Shaker is an outstanding tool in camp or at home on the bar or in the back of your pack. This mason-style tumbler works great as a drink container in the vacuum sealed container. It will work as a 12 or 16 oz. beer cooler and works great as a cocktail shaker. As well, the shaker can be custom imprinted. We had the HuntingLife logo put on our Highball Shaker and it looks amazing. This makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys a cocktail. 

GOBI Heat Heated Mossy Oak Hunting Vest

We have been looking at heated vests and heated jackets for a couple of years. This year we finally pulled the trigger and we suggest you take a look at the Colorado Mens Heated Hunting Vest. This vest comes in Mossy Oak Camo in sizes from Small to 4XL. The vests last up to 10 hours of battery life on low heat and the jacket has low, medium, and high with a built in wind and water resistance. The battery can charge your phone with an included USB port and the battery has three times the juice of the competitors. 

BioLite AlpenGlow 250 and AlpenGlow 500

The BioLite AlpenGlow 250 and AlpenGlow 500 rechargeable lanterns offer LED technology to render colors from the environment for a warm natural light. You can shake these lights for an instant rotation of mesmerizing color offering ambient and task-based lighting.  It is perfect for the backyard or trips into the backcountry. The 500 run for five hours on full high and up to 200 hours on low. Sitting around the campfire our friends liked that this light could be run on warm white and candle flicker or multicolor which did not hurt the eyes when looking directly into the light. The AlpenGlow 500 offers 500 lumens of light at high and the AlpenGlow 250 offers a smaller version with 250 lumens. Both will charge your cell phones or other devices.

Jack Wolfskin Atmos Jacket

The Atmos Jacket comes in men’s and women’s versions. The Atmos is a lightweight, insulated softshell that can be worn in heavy activity like climbing, hunting, skiing and winter running.  The jacket is water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, windproof and made from recycled synthetic fiber insulation. We found the jacket to be light, packable, and easy to carry on travel trips and short quick day hunts. The Atmos works great for upland hunts where you are moving fast and shedding layers or adding layers all day long.

We the People Holsters Apparel

We came to We the People Holsters because we liked the holsters and we keep coming back for the apparel. The shirts are soft, the hoodies warm and the designs are outstanding. The designs cater to those who understand the second amendment cannot be infringed upon regardless of what is happening in our world. The great gear from We The People is built for people who live this ideal in every way. This gear makes great gifts for the brave defenders of 2A.

Worksharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener

We have been fans of Worksharp for the last several years. This year, the Worksharp Sharpeners launched the Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener with Tri-Brasive offers an angle guided, 3-sided abrasive jig-and-clamp style sharpener. This tool allows you to sharpen knives to a fine honed edge. As well, this system now has an upgrade system and an Elite kit with more grit options for optimal sharpening. We used this system to sharpen 24 knives in about four hours the first time we used this because it was effective. We were sharpening knives that had been dull for years and got them to be quite sharp. What impressed us about this system is that after the first couple of knives the understanding of how it worked was easy to figure out and we cruised through knife after knife. We saved knives that were dull family heirlooms into working tools. This is a gift worth the investment.

Dakota Grizzly Men’s Newton Vest

The Dakota Grizzly Men’s Newton Vest is comfortable, looks great, is warm and comfortable and it comes in two colors and many sizes. We liked the Gear Colorway but the Obsidian was nice for nights out on the town. Dakota Grizzly makes a wide variety of quality menswear that is casual and comfortable. It’s not hunting gear but it is great living gear. Check out Dakota Grizzly at specialty retailers or on

Shell SBC400 1 Amp/4 Amp Automotive Battery Charger

Nothing can sink your stomach as quickly as the sound of a dead car battery trying to turn over in the morning while you are rushing to get to work or trying to get the kids to school. A portable jump starter can instantly revive your battery but using a charger and maintainer can help keep your battery healthy in the long run and prevent dead battery days from even occurring. Shell Battery Charger & Maintainers feature a multi-stage charging process that can safely restore your batteries to full capacity. The gadget provides multiple layers of protection that include reverse-polarity, over-charging, over-voltage, short circuit, over-current, over-temperature and defective battery prompt. The chargers automatically identify a 6V or 12V battery and smartly adjust current, making them safe and easy to use. Shell Battery Charger & Maintainers are available in 1amp and 4amp.

Maven C.3 Binoculars

The Maven C.3 is one of the lightest full-sized binoculars in its category, the C.3 features a larger objective lens to grasp every last bit of critical light to hunt early and late every day. The Maven C.3 is outstanding for hunters, birders, and wildlife viewers who want exceptional performance in dimly-lit situations. The C.3 is a mid-range binocular that is a step up from entry level products and nowhere near the cost of high end brands. Maven is building great optics that are built for your needs. 

UCO Arc Lighter and Flashlight

The UCO Arc Lighter and Flashlight is a rechargeable LED 100 lumen flashlight that gives serious light and offers a flip open dual-arc plasma lighter tucked in the back. This Plasma lighter burns at 1400ºF. This tool is under $20.00 and it makes a great stocking stuffer and a great tool to have at the bottom of your pack.

GooseFeet Gear Down Socks

The Goose Feet Gear Down Socks are the perfect solution to cold weather camping. Sliding on a pair of these before getting into your sleeping bag or throwing them on before slipping your foot into a pair of boots makes all of the difference in very cold environments. These come with a very small stuff sack. We got a pair of these with no extra over fill and they are fantastic. These are perfect for night time lounging on the couch and are getting tremendous use in hunting camp.  These are far better than any slippers we have owned.

Fenix HM65R Headlamp

The FENIX HM65R comes with a spotlight and a floodlight for a combined maximum 1400 lumens of white light. It includes a 18650 battery that is USB-C rechargeable and includes a battery level indicator. The HM65R is a serious headlamp for serious adventures.

Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System

The Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System allows shooters to practice without expending expensive ammunition. This system allows you to practice using dry-fire training and zero live ammunition using a combination of your cell phone, a laser cartridge and a signature target together to create a system to bridge the gap between expensive shooting technology and affordability. The Strikeman allows you to practice safely every single day in the comfort of your home for less money than a few boxes of ammunition.

Sawyer Micro Squeeze Water Filtration System

The Sawyer Micro Squeeze weighs in at an unbelievable 1.8 ounces. It fits in an included bag and it will fit on just about any water bottle no matter where you travel in the world. This is the lightest water filtration system in existence, and it is rated for up to 100,000 gallons. It removes Bacteria, Protozoa, and Cysts, including E. Coli, giardia, vibrio cholerea, Salmonella typhi, and microplastics all of which are absolutely not good for you. The Sawyer Micro Squeeze retails at under $30.00 and offers packability in your carryon luggage no matter where you fly in the world. We have been using ours over the last year, and it is so nice to have in our pack knowing that we can drink from that cattle stock tank or out of that small stream if the need arises. 

ISOtunes Sport ADVANCE

It is without question that hunters and shooters suffer from hearing loss if they do not protect their hearing. This is why on the range everyone consistently advocates for eye and ear protection. ISOtunes Sport ADVANCE offers great ear protection on the range and in the field where it also important to wear ear protection. Many old hunters already suffer from some form of hearing loss because no one talked about hearing protection while hunting. Today, it matters and you have the opportunity to use great products like ISOtunes to protect your hearing in the field. These make great gifts for hunters who need to protect their hearing.


The ATN ThOR 4 Thermal Scope is the flagship thermal rifle scope in the ATN lineup. This thermal scope comes loaded with industry-leading features. The ThOR 4 comes with 16 hours of battery life and 4th generation thermal sensors. The ATN ThOR 4 comes with a smart range finder allows users to gauge distances to their target, as well as video recording, WiFi, Bluetooth as well as a ballistic calculator, recoil activated video and the ability to set up the rifle with a one shot zero. This is a tremendous scope perfect for the predator hunter in your life..

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