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3-gun competition aims to offer support for Wounded Veterans and Gold Star Spouses

The Spike S Ranch in Mertzon, TX, is hosting Military Warriors Support Foundation for a 3-gun competition to raise money for Skills4Life hunting programs. Spike S Ranch is owned by William ‘Scooter’ Scott and his family. They host various shoots several times throughout the year and frequently bring in MWSF. These events help to raise money for ongoing events for Wounded Heroes and Gold Star Spouses.

Spike S Ranch is a 14,000-acre ranch about 20 miles outside of Mertzon in Irion County, Texas. Cattle, whitetail, and exotic animals are a mainstay here. Trophy animals like Addax, Scimitar Oryx and Nilgai are found across the ranch and can be culled with guided hunting tours.

Scooter’s help has allowed many Heroes and their families to enjoy and participate in events throughout the year. Funds raised are dedicated to Hero travel, game processing, taxidermy and other support items like food and drinks. This ongoing support has helped many Heroes and allowed them to participate in fruitful events.

The Skills4Life Program started in 2007 and provided recreational outdoor experiences and mentorship. Skills4Life programs are open to combat-wounded veteran Heroes and Gold Star Spouses. Various gatherings throughout the year allow organizers to support the Heroes and their families, and some events are even developed for these Heroes’ children and spouses. Without events like the Spike S Ranch shoot, Skills4 Life wouldn’t be what it is today.

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Military Warriors Support Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, founded by LTG Leroy Sisco (Ret), in 2007. Their mission is to provide support and programs that facilitate a smooth and successful transition for our nation’s combat-wounded heroes and Gold Star families. Their programs focus on housing and homeownership, recreational activities, transportation assistance and leadership development. Through their programs, they have awarded nearly 900 mortgage- free homes and 100 payment-free vehicles to combat-wounded heroes, Gold Star spouses and their families in all 50 states. In addition to the home or vehicle, the families receive family and financial mentoring.

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