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4 Essentials You Need for Outdoor Survival

Outdoor Essentials

It’s important to know what essentials you need for outdoor survival, especially if you plan on spending time in the wilderness. If you don’t come prepared, it can be dangerous and even deadly. Read this blog post to learn about the essentials of wilderness survival!

Trekking Poles 

You need to be able to move around very well in the wild in order to be safe and pass every obstacle without an injury. The people working at Premier Outdoor Gear will explain how trekking poles will help you with this. They can be used as an emergency tool, to pass over a stream, and also as your third leg on the way back home. You will feel less tired if you use trekking poles because they take part of the weight off your legs and balance it more easily on uneven ground

Whenever going up or down steep slopes, using trekking poles will be recommended.

You can also use them to climb and scramble over rocks or fallen trees when you need an extra bit of support. They are sturdier than a walking stick because they have three points that secure themselves into the ground in front of your feet which makes it easier for you not to fall down if there is mud hiding under dead leaves on the surface.

They can even help with making fires by holding dry kindling together but please do not bring a lighter as a safety precaution while going out camping! Trekking poles may seem like something only people who go mountaineering would carry around but everyone should invest in some quality ones because they make life so much easier all year round especially if going uphill or downhill.

They are also helpful in keeping you safe on the way down because they can stop you from slipping backward if they are pointed downwards and firmly planted into the ground. The rubber handgrips will prevent blisters and help with gripping so that your hands do not get tired as quickly either which is a big advantage! 


You cannot survive cold nights in the woods without proper shelter. Even if you are not actually spending the night sleeping outdoors, your body will still need protection from the elements of nature, wind, rain, or snow to keep you dry and warm during a day spent out in the woods.

A good shelter can be built quickly with minimal tools. When building one, always think about insulation first then cover secondarily for warmth retention.

There are many different types of shelters that work well depending on weather conditions, time of year, or length of stay required by circumstance. You should have one option which is more durable long term but also have some options that are faster build models for temporary.

Here are some shelter essentials: 

  • A tarp or some other waterproof material to protect from precipitation. 
  • Cordage for shelter building and securing the above materials. This can be a rope, vines, paracord, etc. 
  • Waterproof matches/lighter in case you need fire later on which will also provide warmth. 
  • Build a bed for comfort with insulation underneath like leaves, grasses, or moss to keep you warm at night. A simple frame of sticks can be covered in foliage then wrapped on the bottom with something waterproof that won’t let moisture through (a tarp). 
  • A shelter can also include an open fire depending on conditions and need for warmth, cooking food, etc. 

A Pocket Knife 

A pocket knife can help with many essentials for outdoor survival. First, you can cut branches and other vegetation to build a shelter or create an impromptu spear that will help with hunting food. You could also use the blade of your pocket knife as a rudimentary saw if needed to chop wood down further into smaller pieces. 

Finally, depending on what time of year it is in the terrain where you are stranded, using your pocket knife might be helpful when collecting firewood. This way, you can have some material ready after dark and there’s no light source available.

Food And Water 

You can’t survive the outdoors without food and water. Make sure that you pack food and water for your emergency kit, as well as food and water to sustain you during the time of evacuation if possible. 

Having at least three days’ worth of food is a good starting point when preparing yourself in case of an emergency. You want to be able to stay alive without help from others until they can reach you or evacuate with their own food supplies, so having enough food on hand can make all the difference between life and death even if it’s just for three days. When packing food into your outdoor survival kit, remember that many foods require cooking before eating them.

Surviving the outdoors is easier nowadays thanks to these essentials. You’ll need to be able to move fast and safe so trekking poles are a must. The shelter is needed for nighttime because of warmth and safety while a pocket knife can be used in dozens of situations. Finally, you need food and water in order to make it through these trips. Good luck!

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