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4-Play Turkey Call

Once in every decade or so, something comes across my desk as an outdoor writer and hunter that gets me really excited.  It was the end of 2020 when this call came across my desk.  I had heard about it and I saw it online and, after reaching out to Brian Benolken, I jumped at the chance to get a sample in my hands.  It was already too late for the fall turkey season to test it out, but this spring I have been calling in birds with it and I am blown away with the functionality. 

The turkey call is the 4-Play Turkey Call, and it is one of the most innovative new tools to hit the market.  The turkey box call is one of my favorite tools in regards to turkey hunting.  I have always liked the ability to make turkey music with my box call.  Most box calls are made with one or two individual woods, usually one wood for the paddle and one of the box.  The 4-Play Turkey Call is made out of a white oak lids and sound rails are made of walnut, E. red cedar,  sassafras, and poplar. The body of my call is made out of walnut but you can choose between walnut, cherry and mahogany.  These calls are 100% Made in America. They are all made with a CNC machine and then hand tuned by the call maker to make sure they are tested and tuned to the right pitch.

Why this call makes great turkey sounds

What differentiates this call is that you can make it sound like 4 different turkeys in the wild with a single call.  The paddle rotates on a spindle which allows it to use all four sides of the call.  Each sound is at a different pitch allowing you to hone in on the sound that your particular gobbler likes and replicate it over and over. Likewise, you can sound like an entire flock of turkey to bring all of the gobblers to the yard. 

Four sound rails on the 4-Play Turkey Call make all the difference, but it still requires a little bit of practice to learn how to make this call sing like the instrument it is.  I have spent the last couple of weeks scouting and doing a little bit of calling and I am finding the right pitch. Slowly, I am learning which sound rail works the best for the birds that I have around here.  I am practicing my purrs by slowly dragging the paddle over the rail and cutting the call by using my left thumb holding the rail against it and popping the paddle with my right hand. The 4-Play Turkey Call allows you to pop and cut with both hands. It is quite easy to learn. 

How to Turkey Hunt

When I call a turkey, I get in early and listen to the hens. I change my calls to mimic the live turkeys so I am constantly learning from the bird. I am learning the sounds that those local gobblers are responding to and then replicating those same sounds.  I have found that using the 4-Play Turkey Call allows me to more closely match the pitch and the rhythm of the local birds.  This helps me to be more successful in the field.  Once you understand this process it is literally a process of learn, call, repeat – day in and day out.  Having a call like the 4-Play Turkey Call in your arsenal is tremendous tool.

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