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4 Surprising Ways You Can Use Your Swiss Army Knife Outdoors

A Swiss Army knife is a type of tool that is composed of various blades, as well as other tools such as scissors or screwdrivers. Its small size makes it quite convenient to carry around because you can easily fit it in your pocket. American soldiers coined the term for this multi-tool after they found it quite difficult to pronounce its German name. If you intend to spend your time outdoors, having this multi-tool with you can prove beneficial and further convince you why you then find below some of the surprising ways you can use it outdoors.

Start a Fire

Camping is one of the best outdoor activities that you can indulge in because it provides you with an opportunity to be one with nature. However, it can be quite frustrating if you find that you left your lighter or match, rendering you unable to start a fire. Don’t fret immediately because if you have a Swiss Army knife with you, then you will be able to start a fire. All you need is some steel wool and a battery from your flashlight, which will be held by the knife in place as it ignites a fire in the steel wool.

Build a Stove

Another thing that you can do with your pocket knife when you are camping outdoors is to build an alcohol stove where you can cook your food. You can use either a meat or a soda can for this. In terms of the latter, you need your multi-tool to open the can while for the latter, you need this to puncture holes on the concave bottoms of the can.

Create a Haul for Heavy Loads

In case you need to move camp but you are currently too tired to carry along all your heavy load, then better create yourself a haul with the use of your pocket knife. All you need is to gather some branches that you can form into a triangle. Of course, you also need your knife to do all the cutting of the branches and the ropes to tie it with.

Join Pieces of Wood Together

What if you don’t have a cord or a rope to tie the branches that you need to make up a haul? Well, you can use your pocket knife to saw a Dovetail notch that allows you to join pieces of wood together without the need for a rope or a cord. Aside from creating a haul, you can also saw this notch using your knife to make a frame where you can hang a kettle from your campfire.

To wrap things up, it is amazing how you can do various things that can help with your survival in the outdoors with just a simple and compact multi-tool. You can start a fire, build a stove, create a haul for your heavy load, as well as join pieces of wood together without requiring any cord or string. Apart from these, there are more things that you can do with it, but you need to do is to constantly explore and prepare to be amazed.

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