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4 Tactical Items You Should Consider Investing In

Safety is something that everyone cannot guarantee. Whether you’re a professional survivalist, outdoors enthusiast, or just someone looking to keep their home and property safe, you can benefit from having the right tactical gear. Having these tools when faced with extreme danger and precarious situations can end up saving your life.

Here are 4 tactical items you should consider investing in to keep you safe.

1.   Combat Weapons and Ammo

Having combat weapons handy is essential in any tactical situation. Depending on your profession or hobby, you should consider getting a revolver, sidearm pistol, or semi-automatic rifle. Revolvers and pistols are smaller, making them easier to carry and use when having to engage potential threats in a tighter space. Rifles are recommended for survivalists and outdoorsmen, since you may be faced with large, aggressive animals that you’ll have to fend off. You also should always keep at least six magazine rounds on you while in a survival situation. Make sure you keep your extra magazines somewhere you can easily reach. You want to have plenty of ammo in case you need to survive somewhere for an extended period of time.

2.   Protective Gear

Protective gear is a must when facing danger, as you won’t always be able to avoid threats to your life. Body armor can protect you if you find yourself under fire. When you don’t want to advertise that you’re wearing these, any Level 3 bulletproof vest can be concealed beneath your clothing. You’ll have a much higher chance of surviving a gunshot if you’ve got body armor on. Protective eyewear and earplugs will keep your vision and hearing from being impaired, while tactical gloves and boots can safeguard your hands and feet from injury. Camouflage clothing is also useful when in any survival situation, allowing you to blend in with your environment and disguise yourself from predators or enemies.

3.   Field Trauma Kit

If you get hurt while in a survival situation, things can quickly take a turn for the worst. Having a field trauma kit is paramount to minimizing the damage done by any injuries you incur. Most kits include bandages, gauze, pressure dressing, and other items necessary when you’ve broken a bone or received a wound. You may need to staunch your bleeding, stabilize your injuries, and clean any wounds while under pressure, so having everything handy will save time and possibly your life.

4.   Tactical Knife

A tactical knife is one of the most versatile pieces of tactical equipment you can have. If your firearms run out of ammo, you can use the tactical knife to defend yourself. The knife also works for hunting and field dressing, first aid, starting a fire, or building a shelter. Tactical knives are very sturdy, so they can take a lot of abuse without buckling or snapping, and their blades are extremely sharp. No matter what situation you find yourself in, having one by your side will significantly improve your chances of survival.

Survival is all about being prepared. The best way you can prepare is by having everything you need right by your side for any given situation. When you’re getting ready to face danger, consider investing in these 4 tactical items.

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