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A fishing story by Tarra Stoddard

My grams was an avid fisherman and had asked me to throw away some old rods. I had looked the rods over and on one particular rod I could not understand why she was trashing it. My mom, daughter, and I stopped by the lake to wet our feet because it was the middle of summer and extremely hot that day. I saw a bass jumping in the tall grass so I ran and grabbed the rod I was previously looking at. It had a old burgundy plastic worm still on it’s hook.On my third cast this bass swallowed the hook.

Then I started reeling it in and realized when the rod was weighted it wouldn’t reel in. So I started pulling in the line with my hand and wrapping the line around my body as I walked backwards on the bank. When I finally got the bass on the bank I had so much line wrapped around me it looked like a cartoon. 

There was a country store that my mom ran into and bought one of those small white styrofoam coolers to put the fish into. Hence the mount being so bent. We then had the fish mounted so that it would be a lasting memory. I caught this bass in the summer of 1991. After this much time the mount needed a fresh paint job. It now looks better than it did the day I first picked it up. 


Your adventure awaits, Tarra Stoddard ReelCamo Girl Managing Director SCI & Prois Pro Staff Get out & #earnyourwild

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