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ALPS OutdoorZ Dash Panel Blind Review

ALPS Portable Hunting Blind – Dash Panel Blind

We heard about this blind in late January and I jumped on the phone with contacts we had at ALPS in order to get one of these for Nebraska turkey season. The ALPS OutdoorZ Dash Panel Blind is lightweight and easy to pack in to even the most remote locations.  It’s a run and gun blind and it is very simple and works well in locations where winds are under 20mph. 

Opening up the box it comes with a simple blind, tie down straps and a case with stakes to keep It tied to the ground.  All you need to do is secure the tent stakes and pop it up and adjust it to fit your needs and the location.  The back of the blind is black and the front of the blind is camo so you need to pay attention to where you place the blind.  We placed this on a hill and we had turkeys below us on the hill but we did not anticipate the deer popping up behind us and we stuck out like a sore thumb and got picked off.  It would not have been an issue of course if that deer hadn’t run straight down to the field with the turkeys blowing all of the way. 

The blind stands at 54 inches and you can move the side panels from 40 inches to 80 inches out and we hunted this blind with two people for 4 days.  The Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage works well and the blind fits in well in forested areas.

The real value of this blind is how quiet it is with the SILENT-TRAC system that allows you to open and close the windows easily and the windows give you tremendous amounts of room to use a compound, a crossbow, a shotgun or a rifle. As well the next killer feature is the light weight of the entire blind allowing you to get a whole lot farther off the road.

I am looking forward to using this for dove season on the edge of the sunflower field and for deer season on the edge of the forest or against a fence line.  It is easy to use and easy to shoot out of.  I recommend setting up this blind in your backyard, setting up your hunting chair and understanding how to tie this blind down to keep it on the ground in wind.  We had a gusty day with whipping winds and the blind absolutely stood up but the turkey did not like the blind movement so a little bit of practice learning how to set it up will help you to make it work at the right moment in the field.

The price of this blind at under $100.00 is a great deal and it was an absolute winner for turkey season making it light enough to carry in for a solo hunt just as well as it is for a pair of hunters.  Check out this blind at

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