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American Sniper Ammunition Preorder Available Now

American Sniper Ammunition is arriving now in 9mm: Range loads in America’s favorite 124gr FMJ, and in 12 gauge Buckshot and Slugs.

Recently announced, the American Sniper brand of ammunition promised to get America shooting again with quality ammunition both domestically produced and globally sourced. The first shipments of 9mm and 12 gauge are arriving now and are available for preorder at American Sniper Ammo’s retail partner Sportsman’s Guide.

American Sniper 9mm Range ammunition is no slouch. Produced by the Czech Republic’s STV, a factory perhaps better known in the U.S. for their beautiful Vz. 58 rifles, this ammunition yields excellent ballistics while remaining safely within both the European CIP and US SAAMI pressure limits. The same attention to detail and precision that goes into STV’s 30mm HE-T rounds has been applied in creating 9mm Range loads for the American Sniper brand that will provide the energy needed for reliable cycling and enhanced training.

The newly-manufactured, reloadable brass cases are Boxer-primed without heavy metals and loaded to a gun-friendly 31,183psi pressure. The 124gr FMJ load produces 384 foot pounds of energy at 1,181fps. Plenty of energy to cycle tired or dirty range guns so you can keep training.

Presales of American Sniper 9mm Range ammunition are live now at Sportsman’s Guide with an expected availability date of 6 September, 2021. Additional calibers and gauges will be available shortly.

Two 12-gauge loads have been selected from the dozens of offerings by manufacturer ZSr for the American Sniper Hunt line. Though labelled as hunting loads, these shells could easily fill multiple roles. Slugs have an expected availability of 6 September, 2021, with 00 buckshot expected to be available 5 October, 2021 via the Sportsman’s Guide links below.

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