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Barnett Now Offers Pre-installed CCDs on Select Crossbow Models

Grand Prairie, TX (November 2, 2020) – You asked, and we listened. The folks at Barnett are on a constant quest to make crossbows a convenient tool for every hunter. Crank cocking devices (CCDs) are a great way to do just that, and in response to overwhelming demand from our dealers and customers, we’re now shipping several popular Barnett crossbow models with pre-installed CCDs.

One of the most common concerns among crossbow users, especially new ones, is the strength required to draw a crossbow. Most bows come with a basic rope-cocking device that provides a mechanical advantage to reduce draw weight by up to 50 percent. That may be enough for an average crossbow shooter, but many need or want more reduction. Some folks are also intimidated by the complexity of hooks, pulleys and attachment points with a standard rope cocker.

Both from strength and operational standpoint, the CCD is easier and less intimidating for many crossbow shooters to use than a rope cocking device. Barnett’s CCD reduces cocking tension by up to 93 percent. Furthermore, there’s no pulling required. Turn the cranking handle, and the CCD does all the heavy lifting for you.

Just as important, the CCD can also significantly improve your bow’s accuracy. One of the leading causes of inconsistent grouping with crossbows is uneven tension on the string. This can happen with standard rope cocking devices if the pulling hooks are not perfectly aligned and centered. Uneven pulling will cause unequal pressure when drawing the bowstring back. The string will not be centered, and at the shot, more energy will be imparted to one side. Rather than separate hooks, Barnett’s CCD uses a spindle bracket that connects both hooks at a fixed distance, and self-centers on the bowstring to ensure consistent side-to-side string pressure and thus, more consistent grouping.

The CCD is ambidextrous and easily adjusted for right- or left-handed shooters, and the crank handle is removable for out-of-the-way storage while hunting. Pre-installed CCDs are available on the Whitetail Pro STR, Raptor Pro STR and Whitetail Hunter STR as well as two new for 2020 bows: the HyperTac 420 and TS380.


  • Reduces cocking tension by up to 93%
  • Simply turn cranking handle to pull back string
  • 13 lbs. maximum force required to turn crank
  • Handle adjusts for right- or left-handed use
  • Designed for use with most Barnett crossbows
  • Includes crank and all installation hardware

After Market

The standard CCD can also be installed as an after-market accessory on more than 70 Barnett crossbow models. We’ve also added two new crank cocking devices to accommodate our ever-growing collection of high-speed crossbows in 2020. Like the Universal CCD, the HyperGhost™ and Tactical CCDs integrate with select Barnett crossbows to reduce cocking tension by up to 93 percent and are easily installed by following included instructions.

Take the stress off yourself and your crossbow during the cocking process and improve your confidence, accuracy and success by picking up a Barnett crossbow with pre-installed CCD.

From its inception, over a half century ago, Barnett Crossbows has led the industry with pioneering innovations and patents to become the world’s number one manufacturer of crossbows. Barnett’s engineers have created its latest range of crossbows based on the changing needs and desires of today’s hunters. Lightweight, adjustable and powerful, Barnett has brought crossbow technology to the height it stands at today. Barnett is committed to delivering high quality performance products with unparalleled service and value for all that use the Barnett Range. Built for maximum speed, efficiency and Built for the Hunt!

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