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Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Fabrics

When you call yourself ec0-friendly, it is important that you implement your green habits in every aspect of your life. From having a sustainable and eco-friendly home to using environment friendly products, your goal is to reduce your carbon footprint on earth. Choosing eco-friendly fabrics over traditional materials that are harmful to the environment offer many benefits that decrease the stress on the environment. People across the world have been understanding the importance of using eco-friendly products. Businesses have become more eco-conscious as they are easy to maintain and long lasting.

This hot trend consists of fabrics made of natural resources that are recyclable which are highly beneficial and have a positive impact on the environment. Rewearing and reusing clothes are another excellent way in being eco-friendly as this reduces the waste on the planet we live on. In this article you will learn about the different types of eco-friendly fabrics and the benefits of using these clothing.

4 Types of Eco-friendly Fabrics

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is a highly renewable resource that contains very few chemical inputs while being grown. Bamboo fabrics are soft, biodegradable and breathable. Ecoy is one website that has some of the best bamboo products from bedding to accessories. It is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and have sustainable living.

  • Organic cotton

Cotton has its advantages and its disadvantages as conventional cotton production can be very harmful to the environment. Not only does it use heavy pesticides to keep the plant healthy but also requires a lot of water. Whereas, organic cotton is healthier, less toxic and even protects water usage, which reduces the chemical input drastically. 

  • Industrial hemp

Hemp is a highly renewable fabric that requires very little amount of pesticides to keep the plant healthy. It also grows without any fertilizers and does not deplete any nutrients present in the soil. It has a smaller water footprint compared to cotton and very easy to harvest.

  • Soy cashmere/silk

The fabric is created by using leftovers after processing soybeans into food. This eco-friendly product is soft, easy to maintain and requires very little dye. It also offers some antibacterial properties which are great for your skin. The only drawback includes that it is weaker than cotton.

Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Fabrics

  • Reduces Toxic waste 

Most clothes have dyes which are extremely harmful to the environment as they contain harmful chemicals. Some clothes are made through processes that can be disastrous on the environment. Some cotton farming techniques involve a lot of pesticides to create a healthy crop. Therefore, by wearing clothes that are eco-friendly will reduce the harmful effects of chemicals which are released into the environment. 

  • It is Good for your Health

The chemicals used in traditional clothes such as cotton are harmful to the environment as well as your health. The production of cotton is a process that involves a lot of chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, redness and even itching in some people. By wearing organic and eco-friendly clothes you can reduce negative effects on your skin and you no longer have to worry about your clothes impacting your health.

  • Easy to Maintain

Eco-friendly clothes are very easy to maintain even though they need special care compared to your old clothes. Old clothes often fade, shrink and even lose their quality overtime, No matter how well you maintain it, cheap quality clothes won’t last long. Whereas, eco-friendly clothes are always top-notch and you can enjoy wearing these fabrics for a really long time. Eco-friendly products involve environmentally friendly ways in maintaining your clothes such as air drying, washing fabrics under cold water and not using chemical detergents. All these things help in reducing your carbon footprint on this earth.

  • Helps the earth

Sustainable fabrics are extremely beneficial as it reduces pollution and positively impacts the environment. No matter where you are or what you do, sustainable products reduce carbon dioxide emissions on this earth. Cotton especially, needs a lot of chemicals and pesticides in keeping the plant healthy. Choosing clothes are renewable and eco-friendly such as organic cotton, hemp or even bamboo can reduce the demand of conventional materials that are increasing the stress on the environment.

  • Unique and Higher Quality 

Choosing eco-friendly materials means purchasing clothes that reduce the stress on the environment, which are durable and long-lasting. While mainstream clothes are produced in abundance, whereas eco-friendly products are unique and increase your individuality amongst people. Another benefit is wearing vintage clothes that were previously owned by different people as not many people will have what you have. It also opens opportunities for you to get created and customize your vintage clothes and modernize it. By doing so, you learn new ways to keep up with the latest trends and at the same thing, help in saving the planet.

Choosing eco-friendly products in our daily routines will help secure a safe and healthy future for the coming generation. Remember to make smart choices and purchase wisely, whether home appliances or clothes, there is always a way to reduce the carbon footprint on the earth.

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