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BioLite HeadLamp 750 First Look

Biolite Energy Headlamp 750

First Look Reveals an Exceptional Feature-Rich Tool in this rechargeable headlamp.

When we got asked to take an early look at the Biolite Headlamp 750 we jumped at the chance.  We been using the Headlamp 750 for about three weeks now, and our first opportunity to test this was opening day of dove season.  I got up early to get into the field for opening morning.  Usually on public dove fields you have to get into the woods really early to get the prime spots as the sunflower fields can fill up.  This year, we shared five acres with two other hunters and opening day pressure was minimal which was the really great news of the day.  The second best news of the day was that we were blown away with the Headlamp 750.

The Biolite Headlamp 750 comes with eight light modes including a full white spot that hits 750 lumens on a burst mode and will hit 500 lumens on high and as low as 5 lumens on lo reserve mode.  This lamp is like the Starship Enterprise with all of the features built into it.  I haven’t even had enough time to use all of the features. I think my neighbors are starting to get a little concerned with me walking around the back yard with the headlamp on night after night. 

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the fit and adjustability of this headlamp.  Once you slide it onto your head, you can grab the two adjustable clips in unison to adjust it as nice and tight as you want it to be. Whether you are running and gunning or climbing altitude this light is going to stay on.  It can adjust around hats and the lamp is comfortable as can be.  The adjustable front tilt lens has 4 positions. The rear red visibility light is perfect for walking in because you can be seen from behind.

The rechargeable battery is a 3000 mAh lithium ion USB rechargeable which allows the unit to be charged.  The unit includes a three foot Run Forever Micro USB cable which you can use to charge the unit while it is running or at home when it needs to be charged.  As long as you have a spare battery you can use the Run Forever cable to keep the unit running on any mode you want for as long as your battery lasts.  In some situations you want enough power to last all night and this headlamp gives you enough options to be able do this.  It is perfect for predator hunting, gigging frogs or getting out the backcountry with a pack loaded down with fresh meat headed to the cooler.  The pass-thru charging on this unit is impressive. 

The lighting modes in the Headlamp 750 include:

  • Red Flood
  • White Spot
  • White Flood
  • Rear Red Strobe
  • Rear Red Flood
  • Spot and Flood
  • White Strobe
  • 30 second Burst – HIGH

The Headlamp 750 is water resistance with an IPX4 rating. The unit weighs 5.3 oz. This is heavier than some headlamps but with all of the features in this unit and the size of the rechargeable battery it is easy to justify.  With the adjustability of the unit you never feel the weight and the power is worth every ounce.

The Constant mode allows you to control your lumen output where you can set a steady level of brightness that will not change until you want it to. You have the option to run on constant mode or on a regulated mode.  The battery indicator LEDs on this unit let you know when it is fully charged and the lockout mode keep this unit off while bouncing around your pack and the batteries charged.  This is a performance headlamp; it gets hot so you do not want it running in your pack. It will be important to make sure to put the headlamp in lockout mode while traveling.  You need to hold down the power button for eight seconds on the front bezel so it will only take a few times to get that setting ingrained into everyday use.  We found it best to practice that feature and learning all of the features of this light so you are able to utilize your investment to its full capability.

There are certainly a lot of headlamps on the market and a wealth of flashlights that are filled with features.  If you are looking for a best-in-class, hands-free unit, the Headlamp 750 is impressive. Now that I have had the time in the field as well as scaring all of my neighbors walking around my backyard in strobe mode or on full burst, I know this is the light that will be my number one light in my hunting pack.

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