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Bow Spider Now Molle Compatible

Bow Spider – simply the most practical and innovative way to pack your bow in and out of the woods while remaining quickly, easily, and quietly accessible, is now Molle compatible. It does so by using a pair of sturdy metal clips that mate with all standard Molle webbing on packs, web belts, and other items.

MOLLE stands for “modular light-weight load-carrying equipment.” It has rows of heavy-duty nylon fabric called PALS (pouch attachment ladder system) which is stitched onto backpacks, vests and numerous other equipment items. Molle is commonly used by the U.S. military, along with other members of NATO armed forces, law enforcement, firefighters, recreational and competition shooters, and adventurers, and allows equipment to be easily customized to match the exact needs and body sizes of users.

The Bow Spider concept is simple and revolves around a lightweight, roundish bow holder that comes with a sturdy belt and long bolts, allowing for multiple ways to secure your bow. An aluminum arm attaches to the bow’s riser, and slides into a slot on the lightweight, injection-molded receiver, which can be worn on the included belt, attached via long bolts to other objects, or now, via the Molle system. The bow is held securely in place via a gravity-locking system yet slides out with minimal effort. You have to either pull it out or turn it upside down to get the bow out. The Bow Spider can easily be attached to a backpack, hip, truck headrest, blind, binocular harness or tree. In fact, it can be mounted to any sturdy flat surface for secure and easy storage – even a wall.

More than creating the world’s most innovative bow packing system, Bow Spider founders David and Crystal Merrill, and the entire staff at RAD, LLC, believe in giving back. Their products are 100 percent made in America, and the company gives one percent of its sales to several recognized American conservation organizations. In addition, the company also offers a 15 percent discount to military veterans. “We owe everything we have in America to the veterans that have served, and continue to serve, to keep our freedoms alive,” Merrill said. “Our discount program is simply a small way for us to say, ‘thank you’.’” To take advantage of this offer, veterans need to call their orders in directly to the company at 307-438-9290.

Bow Spider comes in either green, tan, or black, and has a MSRP is $84.95. To see how it works, check out this short YouTube video: CLICK HERE For more information, visit

About Recreational Archery Development LLC (RAD, LLC)
Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Kinnear, WY, RAD, LLC is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative products for the outdoor industry, including the Bow Spider brand of products. Bow Spider’s intuitive design makes bow retrieval fast and easy in any situation. The product is proudly made in the USA and gives one percent of all sales to conservation. The company also offers veterans a 15 percent discount on all products. (To take advantage of this offer, orders need to be called in directly to the company at 307-438-9290.) For additional information on RAD, LLC and the Bow Spider brand of products write to: RAD, LLC, PO Box 171, Kinnear, WY 82516; call 307-438-9290; email; visit

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