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Choose the best night vision device for your needs

Our life consists of constant development. The accumulated experience and our desires lead us along the path of satisfying our own desires and needs. Remember your youth. A room with a neighbor in a university dorm felt like the best place on earth, and dinner from KFC was a great choice. But, over the years, I want more and more. And, that’s okay.

Such rules are relevant for all areas of our life. Family, work, education, hobbies. We are all storming the top of this huge mountain. Moving to new levels, climbing to new heights. Today we will talk about the peaks and new levels of not so fundamental and important areas of our life. The topic of today’s conversation is your hobby. Hunting is a costly and popular hobby.

Pay attention, if at the very beginning all you needed was your father’s gun and the noise of nature in the nearby forest, today, needs have increased. Whatever it concerns. From various little things that do not directly affect the raid’s performance to various modifications and models of cartridges. And sooner or later, you will want to expand the horizons of your hobby radically. And see the things that usually lurk in the darkness of the night.

What is night vision?

For the hunter who wants to see what the night forest hides, there are two ways. Two technologies that will open your eyes. Thermal scope for rifle and night vision scope for a rifle. Rather, it doesn’t have to be a rifle scope, but you get the point. Thermal imaging technology allows you to remove thermal signals from observation objects and display a contrasting image for the observer. But today, we will not talk about him but night vision technology.

This is an amazing technology that, in fact, duplicates the method of identifying objects in low light conditions, which is relevant even for domestic cats. Like a cat’s pupil, the equipment accumulates the available light signal, amplifies it many times, processes it, and presents the observer’s image. The result is a picture of excellent quality, where it is possible to identify living objects and the environment. The image is contrasting, often has green tints because the human eye can distinguish up to 300 shades of green and does not get tired as much as when using other colors.

This technology is amazing, and it opens up just endless possibilities for those who intend to discover the magical world of night hunting. And, you will not regret for a second if you become the owner of a device equipped with such technology. The only problem is choosing the right device to satisfy all your needs and be as useful as possible.

Types of night vision devices.

And first, let’s take a look at the basic types of night vision goggles that might work for you. They often repeat the configurations of equipment familiar to every hunter but with the ability to work at night. And they will be very familiar to you.

After all, what can be unusual in binoculars? Night vision binoculars remain the same two-tube device that provides excellent depth and immersion for the observer. Such devices have many more additional functions: from recording video to external media to direct connection via Wi-Fi to third-party equipment.

It is only natural that the market will offer you a night vision rifle scope. Yes, this is a sight for your weapon that allows you to aim even in the dark. A distinctive feature of such scopes is that they often allow various aiming grids connected to external carriers and are capable of long-term autonomous operation.

If we are talking about scopes, then we must remember about monoculars. It is the most inexpensive and efficient device that fits into a jacket pocket and is very easy to use. Cost is a huge issue when it comes to night vision devices. Devices can cost several thousand dollars. Therefore, the monocular is a successful and balanced option for the first acquaintance with night hunting. Besides, there are modifications of monoculars that can be attached to weapons as a sight. So we strongly advise you to take a closer look at these devices.

Understanding night vision rifle scope generations.

But still, let’s be honest. Like any hunter, you will be primarily interested in the night vision rifle scope. And this is natural. Such a device will become not only your eyes but also an extension of the gun. But, it is worth paying attention to one more nuance – the generation of night vision devices.

The fact is that for convenience, a classification of devices by generations has been adopted. Formally, it would help if you started counting from the “zero generation,” which includes the first devices. You can even assemble such a device at home from a children’s kit on sale today. We won’t even consider this iteration. As well as not to take into account the first generation. These are outdated and inconvenient devices that will not bring a modern hunter much pleasure and only deprive him of the craving for night hunting.

The second and third generations are our choices! Devices of these characteristics will fully satisfy even the most demanding requirements. They provide a huge selection with an excellent price range. From these devices, you can choose the one that suits your specific requirements. And, it is worth remembering that the third generation is not always the best choice. For example, if you use both the thermal scope for rifle and night vision device simultaneously, you may not even notice the difference with the second generation.

The fourth generation is costly equipment that is tested by the military. Even if you have a couple of tens of thousands of extra dollars, we still won’t recommend you expensive devices of this generation. It is better to wait because science is moving forward, and now some devices can display a color image and work with virtually no light.

Believe me. Night hunting can give you an incredible and unfamiliar experience. To deprive yourself of these impressions is to harm yourself. Therefore, prepare well and dive into an unfamiliar world accessible only to the highest predators. And night vision devices will become your eyes.

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