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CMP Names Top Juniors in JROTC 3P Postal Championship

Out of nearly 4,000 entries received for the 2020-2021 JROTC Three-Position Air Rifle Postal Competition, the Civilian Marksmanship Program is happy to announce the top teams and individuals who will move onto the next stage of the Virtual Championship.

During the JROTC Postal Championship (which ran from September to February), high school JROTC sporter and precision air rifle athletes from across the country fired upon official targets at their home ranges and returned them to the CMP Headquarters for scoring and national rankings.

Top individuals and teams from the JROTC Postal competition will now move on to the Virtual Championship, which will replace the usual regional Service Championships and National Championship fired each year. The Virtual Championship will follow the same course of fire and procedures as the Postal event, with athletes competing at their local ranges, and will be used to determine overall performance honors to complete the JROTC air rifle season.

“Although we’ll miss greeting our athletes and coaches on the range this year, it was encouraging to see the tremendous participation we received during the Postal Championship and the outstanding scores that were achieved,” said Brad Donoho, JROTC match director. “The Virtual Championship will be just as fun to follow in the coming weeks, and we wish all of our athletes luck in that competition.”

Notable teams and individuals from the JROTC Postal Championship include:

Army Sporter Individuals:

  1. Jager Carter, 17, of Webb City High School, Missouri – 278-10x
  2. Mackenzie Spence, 18, Enterprise High School, Alabama – 277-10x
  3. Craig Jones, 18, Zachary High School, Louisiana – 275-16x

Army Precision Individuals:

  1. Rosita Garcia, 18, Fountain Fort Carson High School, Colorado – 293-20x
  2. Meghan Confer, 17, Fountain Fort Carson High School, Colorado – 293-20x
  3. Jordan Harris, 17, Piedra Vista High School, New Mexico – 293-16x

Army Team – Sporter:

  1. Ozark High School, Missouri – 1089-34x
  2. Summerlin Military Academy, Florida – 1078-26x
  3. Pueblo County High School, Colorado – 1075-28x

Army Team – Precision:

  1. Fountain Fort Carson High School, Colorado – 1168-72x
  2. Stuttgart High School, AE – 1155-61x
  3. Social Circle High School, Georgia – 1148-54x

Marine Corps Sporter Individuals:

  1. Kayla Kalenza, 17, Nation Ford High School, South Carolina – 282-15x
  2. Tha Dah, 16, Des Moines North High School, Iowa – 282-9x
  3. Maya Cameron, 16, Nation Ford High School, South Carolina – 282-8x

Marine Corps Precision Individuals:

  1. Charles Moots, 16, Eldorado High School, New Mexico – 293-21x
  2. Taylor Thom, 17, East Coweta High School, Georgia – 293-18x
  3. Ashton Arlington, 16, Granbury High School, Texas – 293-16x

Marine Corps Team (Sporter):

  1. Nation Ford High School, South Carolina – 1111-34x
  2. Jack C. Hays High School, Texas – 1101-36x
  3. Des Moines North High School, Iowa – 1085-33x

Marine Corps Team (Precision):

  1. Granbury High School, Texas – 1167-67x
  2. East Coweta High School, Georgia – 1161-71x
  3. La Cueva High School, New Mexico – 1156-61x

Navy Sporter Individuals:

  1. Angelica Segovia, 17, Santa Fe High School, New Mexico – 280-11x
  2. Christopher Mardones, 16, Patuxent High School, Maryland – 279-8x
  3. Bailey Birchler, Central High School, Florida – 278-12x

Navy Precision Individuals:

  1. James Hart, 18, Oak Harbor High School, Washington – 295-16x
  2. Thomas Shepard, 18, Camden County High School, Georgia – 292-18x
  3. Parker Haydin, 17, Joshua High School, Texas – 292-16x

Navy Team (Sporter):

  1. Zion Benton High School, Illinois – 1098-34x
  2. South Effingham High School, Georgia – 1087-35x
  3. Santa Fe High School, New Mexico – 1084-34x

Navy Team (Precision):

  1. Joshua High School, Texas – 1152-52x
  2. Cienega High School, Arizona – 1145-61x
  3. Floyd Central High School, Indiana – 1141-54x

Air Force Sporter Individuals:

  1. Waylon Cornia, 17, Utah Military Academy – 274-6x
  2. Zack Kennon, 17, Dalton McMichael High School, North Carolina – 272-11x
  3. Peyton Birchfield, 17, Haughton High School, Louisiana – 271-5x

Air Force Precision Individuals:

  1. Ayden Steen, 17, Cherokee High School, Georgia – 293-17x
  2. David Snyder, 18, Cherokee High School, Georgia – 291-18x
  3. Brian Howe, 19, Del Norte High School, New Mexico – 290-15x

Air Force Team (Sporter):

  1. Dalton McMichael High School, North Carolina – 1061-27x
  2. Utah Military Academy, Hill Field – 1061-23x
  3. South Panola High School, Mississippi – 1043-26x

Air Force Team (Precision):

  1. Del Norte High School, New Mexico – 1143-50x
  2. Cherokee High School, Georgia – 1136-50x
  3. Kaiserslautern High School, AE – 1118-44x

To view a complete list of results from the JROTC Postal Championship, visit the CMP Competition Tracker page at

Find more on the JROTC Virtual Championship, including a list of qualifying teams and individuals, at

Congratulations to all participating athletes!

–By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Staff Writer

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