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Costa RINCONDO Sunglasses Review

Costa Rincondo

RINCONDO Polarized Sunglasses

We got the opportunity to test out the Rincondo 580P Polarized Polycarbonite Sunglasses from Costa Del Mar.  This is my second pair of Costa sunglasses, the first was the Baffins from the Untangled Collection.  Those glasses are always in my wife’s vehicle, and they look good, feel good and are always available in the truck when I need them.  These new Rincondo sunglasses, with the addition of a green croakie, are now everywhere I go. The only time they are not on my eyes outdoors is if I have to read my watch or phone with my reading glasses. 

The Rincondo comes with blue mirror for open reflectiveness on the water, green mirror which works for high contrast and grey mirror for everyday activities.  I chose the green mirror because I am often looking for birds, deer and wildlife outdoors. I only spend a small portion of my time outdoors actually fishing so the high contrast works great for me.  Green and grey both come in Polycarbonite and the blue comes in glass. This model is available for prescription lenses if you need that. We could not be more pleased with the quality of our new sunglasses.  The Rincondo comes with a Costa case, a cleaning cloth, free shipping and returns and a limited lifetime warranty.

What I like most about these glasses is the fit and the clarity.  The sunglasses are very light and they wrap well around my face. They stay in place regardless of my movement so no matter what I am doing they don’t slide around.  I have a croakie on these so when I remove them I know they are safe around my neck and they are not going to get damaged in any way.  The clarity on the Costa line is exceptional and it is what they are known for.  The Costa Rincondo glasses with the green mirror high-contrast lenses are truly life changing color for my eyes.  I feel like I see the world in a different way when I am wearing these glasses.  I cannot truly explain it, but the world looks better through a pair of these glasses.

The Costa Del Mar company works with organizations that make a difference for our world, and they are committed to organizations like the TRCP, OCEARCH, #ONECOAST, Untangled, kick plastic and bio-based resins.  Over the last 35 years, Costa has stepped up to work with these organizations and the outdoor and fishing community to protect the environment.  We like working with companies that stand behind the things we believe in.

There are plenty of Costa sunglasses to choose from and all of them are pretty great. We are especially happy with the Rincondo green mirror lenses. Take a serious look at these glasses for fishing, hunting and any other activity in the outdoors.  They might just change the way you see the world like they did for me.

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