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Discussing the Ooni Ax with Darina Garland

Of all of the gear that Ooni could be focused on for the Ooni enthusiast, why an Axe at this time and point?

We’re excited about this collaboration with Alex Pole Ironworks because we’re obsessive about the craft of pizza making. Alex and his team mirror this obsession with their craft and their focus on the traditions of axe making. A large proportion of our customers have opted for one of our multi-fueled pizza ovens and they have told us that they love the process of chopping wood, tending the fire and creating wood-fired pizzas – a special axe is a tool that can elevate this whole experience.

What was it like working with a world renowned blacksmith like Alex Pole?
It was a real pleasure, he understood the synergy we had as organizations (that obsessive respect of craft I’ve mentioned above). We really enjoyed learning from Alex about the simple, slow process of hand making these beautiful, functional objects.

What makes this axe unique and the perfect tool for Ooni?
The Limited Edition Ooni x Alex Pole Ironwork Axe is ideal for anyone who values something rare and made with passion. We have only commissioned 100 and each one takes a day to be made by hand.  Each axe head is shaped by 10-15,000K strokes of a hammer and so are truly unique. This process of care and time is not unlike our customer’s passion for their pizza making craft, doughs can be fast and fun or be developed slowly over multiple days. To make wood-fired pizza you of course need wood fire and this new axe is ideal for cutting down logs to size.

What can we expect coming down the line for Ooni fans? 
Innovation is a core value at Ooni and since we started in 2012 we have never stood still. It’s safe to say that we’re excited about new products we’ll be launching later this year. 

I just cannot conduct an interview with Ooni without asking a pizza question… For dough, Yeast or Sour Dough? Favorite Dough Recipe?
The simple answer? It’s perhaps unsatisfying because it definitely depends. We’re launching a Pizza Mastery Program this year because there are so many ways in to making great pizza at home, and so many varieties from Neapolitan to Detroit, to Bar Style and so on, some call for sourdough starters, others dry or fresh yeast. All that said, you can’t go wrong with our classic dough recipe.

What is the perfect pizza pairing with a glass of whiskey? 
Again it depends on the whiskey. But we recently celebrated Robert Burns Day at our HQ in Scotland and so fired out a Haggis, Neeps and Tatties Pizza. The salty deep flavor is complemented by whiskey without a doubt.

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