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Early Bird Holiday Gift Guide

Early Bird Gift Guide

Looking for great holiday gifts in 2020 will require some extra effort this year. If you are an early bird Christmas shopper or holiday gift giver then this is the gift guide for you.

Gordini Wrangell Series Gloves

Quality winter gloves like the Gordini Wrangell Series don’t come around every day. They take effort to build and design. The Wrangell gloves are the ultimate in winter protection. Gordini has been making great products since 1956, and they know a thing or two about gloves. The Wrangell is a 3-finger construction that gives you the ability to shoot and run your binoculars (or ski poles). The design of these gloves keeps your hands warmer and the Primaloft synthetic insulation along with a serious neoprene cuff keeps your hands dry. The American bison leather and goatskin on these gloves feel incredible. I also like the leash on these so I can quickly shed them if I want to take off my gloves for a shot. These Wrangell gloves are simply the best we have tried for winter hunting.

Weatherman Folds of Honor Umbrella

Folds of Honor is an outstanding charity that has been working since 2007 on providing educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service members. Their motto is: Honor Their Sacrifice.  Educate Their Legacy. Weatherman, maker of the worlds best umbrellas, has partnered with Folds of Honor to create an outstanding umbrella that is water-resistant and will withstand winds up to 55 mph. The golf umbrella which we tested has a large mesh pocket for storage and the silicone-coated rib you can hang your towel off while golfing. We got this umbrella because at 68 inches it is big enough to use for two people and in the most torrential of storms you have a ton of room underneath to shelter from the rain. There are several sizes to choose from. This makes a perfect gift for the American patriot in your family. Weatherman donates $5.00 for each limited edition umbrella purchased directly to the Folds of Honor Foundation.

Camelbak Multibev

The Camelbak Multibev is a vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle and cup all in one. The unit is a water bottle and travel cup all-in-one and it is a solid thermos for hot or cold beverages. The travel cup comes off the bottom for sharing and the rubber lid is hidden inside the lid of the water bottle. This is the perfect water bottle/cup for sharing drinks inside. I like products like this that promote sustainability and will last for years and years. Camelbak is known for making great products. The Camelbak Multibev holds drinks hot for 14 hours and cold for 20 hours. That’s pretty impressive.

Old Town Sportsman Discovery SOLO 119

The Old Town Sportsman Discovery SOLO 119 is a 56 lb. duck hunting and fishing machine. It is a solo canoe built with a 3-layer hull construction of closed cell foam surrounded by Polyethylene to create a lightweight hull capable of getting into locations that are as shallow as can be and perfectly capable of paddling with a single double-blade kayak paddle. The adjustable kayak-style seat is made of thermoformed closed-cell foam to provide a solid seat and built in rod holders. The SOLO 119 provides enough room for decoys and a dog and will hold 298 lbs. of human, dog and gear. Did we mention that the draft on this solo canoe is super shallow? It has enough room for gear, decoys, fishing crates and comes with a custom tackle box. This canoe is as solid as it gets for hunting, fishing and camping. It is easy enough for one person to unload, launch, paddle and lift back on top on truck to get home, and it is small enough to store just about anywhere. Check these out at Old Town.


The ICEMULE BOSS is a premium backpack cooler with no zippers and is incredibly easy to use. This backpack cooler can handle ice for days and comes with a suspension backpack system so you can carry this cooler for mile after mile. The cooler holds 24 cans and ice for a total of 30L and weighs just 7.5 lbs. Everything about this cooler is best in class with molle webbing on the sides, an extremely tough exterior, and 3 insulated pockets for gear. The shoulder straps are extremely well padded, and an adjustable hip belt keeps your load weighted properly on long treks. The ICEMULE BOSS is the perfect boat cooler because the entire system is 100% waterproof and it floats. A 3-year warranty and one of the toughest backpack coolers we have seen.

Hawkin Binocular Stabilization System

I have spent the better part of my hunting career with binoculars in my hands glassing hillsides for elk, mule deer, whitetails and coyotes. I had the opportunity to test the Hawkin system over 2 days of scouting and glassing in preparation for rifle season. I have used a wide variety of spotting systems over the years with spotting scopes, binoculars on shooting sticks, tripods and now the Hawkin system. I like the ability to run and gun with this system. It is easy to use, fits all into a compact case and holds my large Steiner 10 by 56 binoculars with ease. This is a great gift for folks looking for a complete light system to glass hillsides, scout, bird watch or even cover sporting events when they start back up.

Eldris LD (Light Duty) from Morakniv

You may be familiar with the Eldris — the tiny knife that’s one of Morakniv’s bestsellers, and a great option for backpacking and EDC. New for this year, Morakniv has debuted a new Eldris model that is even more in the EDC category. While the blade dimensions are the same for the Eldris and the Eldris LD and both are made from the same 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel, the Eldris LD has a standalone Scandi grind–a Morakniv classic. The result is a sturdy, reliable knife that is solidly in the EDC category, and a handy everyday tool. MSRP $24.99

Floating Knife from Morakniv

The Floating Knife from Morakniv is a lightweight and versatile adventure tool, on and off the water. The handle features a highly visible lime green polymer core surrounded by cork, ensuring the knife can float while in or out of the sheath, and it’s easily spotted if dropped in the water. The light weight and overall cutting ability and utility make this Morakniv a solid all-around adventure knife and a great choice for backpacking or any other adventure where every ounce counts. The blade is made from 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel with a Scandi grind that is easy to maintain in the field and comes out of the box razor sharp. The barrel-formed ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and secure grip in wet or dry conditions and the all-natural cork never gets cold. MSRP $29.99.

California Cowboy High Sierra Flannel

Whether you are lounging around the campfire, heading out to your friends backyard BBQ or heading into the mountains for a week of rest and relaxation, the California Cowboy High Sierra Flannel is the softest flannel we have found, and 2020 has left us feeling like we all need a little comfort and softness in our lives. The inner liner is waffle smooth and outer liner is as soft as a baby’s butt. This shirt is no slouch with solid metal buttons that can take a beating. It even has an extra beer pocket in the back of the shirt which makes it perfect for the backyard BBQ. I wear my High Sierra Flannel when walking the dog and I toss in the dog’s water bottle into the back pocket. Alternatively, I carry my cell phone in the pocket on photography trips. This is a gift that will last and be cherished. Dog Approved.

Castillo Navaja Knife

When I first heard about the Navaja, I was excited to test this knife out. Castillo Knives has been brought to the United States. They are not as wildly popular as many of the current knife makers on the market, but that is just a part of what drew me to the brand. When the knife shows up, it is very well packaged and comes with its own leather case and sharpening stone, sticker and a Ballistol Wipe to keep your knife sharp and ready to use. For the last 60 days, this knife has been my every day carry knife. The Navaja blade is made with stainless Sanvik 14C28N Steel. I have cut everything from rope, gutting out pheasant and trimming off wings and even caping out a buck because I needed a seriously sharp edge and point around the antlers. The leather slip case on this knife protects the blade and my front pocket. The design is simple and effective and it holds an edge. Castillo Knives supports the Conservation Alliance and 1% for the Planet.


Camp cooking in the back country doesn’t have to be a tremendous chore, and advancements like the GSI Escape HS 3L Pot and Frying Pan make cooking outdoors a whole lot simpler. I love to eat when I am in the woods, especially if I am packing in for more than a few days. Freeze dried meals are okay, but they are not comparable to cooking real food. The 3L pot allows you to make a hearty stew, spaghetti or a morning oatmeal or and it gives you options and the frying pan allows you to cook bacon and eggs or fry some bread. The entire package weights 29.4 oz., and it folds up into a carry bag that can fit inside your backpack along with a camp stove, a couple of spoons and a spatula. The built in drain on the lid allows you to drain out water on the pot. I like how fast this entire system got heated up and how fast it cooked meals and boiled water. The GSI Escape HS’s teflon coating makes it all easy to clean and use. Perfect gift for those who love camping and hunting in the back country.

4-Play Turkey Call

The 4-Play Turkey Call is a testament to what is possible if you think outside of the box and use engineering to come up with a solution to an age-old problem. These folks understand thinking outside of the box, the box call that is. This unique and attractive turkey call not only looks cool but it gives you 4 distinct sounds in a single unit. It really is one of the most unique calls I have had the opportunity to use. It takes a good amount of chalk on the paddle, but each side gives you a distinct sound which allows you to sound like more than one hen or turkey. That gives you the advantage. If you have a turkey caller in your family, they will be extremely happy to get this call in their hands and you might just be treated to a wild turkey dinner come spring. Check out the great calls from 4-Play Turkey Calls.

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