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EcoVessel Launches ‘WanderWare’ Utensil Set and Telescopic ‘QuickStraw’; Expands Line of Plastic-Free Accessories for Consumers On-The-Go

This week, EcoVessel announced the launch of their new ‘WanderWare’ reusable utensil set and telescopic ‘QuickStraw,’ further expanding their line of plastic-free, reusable accessories designed for the active lifestyle consumer. 

The ‘WanderWare’ 7” compact utensil set features premium, food-grade stainless steel and includes a fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, straw with silicone tip, and straw cleaning brush. Additionally, the set comes with a convenient zipper-close carrying case – perfect for the park, the backcountry, or the office. ‘WanderWare’ is available in two color choices, black and colorful rainbow, and retails for $24.95. 

The telescopic ‘QuickStraw’ is a stainless steel straw with a soft silicone mouthpiece and comes with a sleek aluminum case and telescopic cleaning brush. The compact aluminum case is thoughtfully designed to fit easily in your pocket or purse. The ‘QuickStraw’ is available in three color choices and retails for $19.95.

“To encourage reusability, people need products that balance performance, looks, and affordability,” said Jon Fox, CEO and founder of EcoVessel. “We’re excited to expand our line of accessories to accommodate the active consumer. These reusable, travel-friendly items address a need in the market for additional alternatives to single-use utensils and straws.” 

In addition to these new accessories, EcoVessel carries a full lineup of reusable drinkware and accessories, including reusable straws, water bottles, insulated mugs, growlers and more. Earlier this year, EcoVessel unveiled a series of new products including the new 16oz ‘Transit’ mug, as well as colorful iterations of some of their most beloved products. 

EcoVessel has a simple goal in mind, to replace wasteful, single-use plastics bottles and accessories with products made from stainless steel and other more sustainable materials. From those beginnings, EcoVessel has become so much more. EcoVessel is a brand that suits your lifestyle, no matter what it is or where it takes you.

About EcoVessel

EcoVessel creates premium hydration bottles, mugs, and tumblers that blend style and performance with a mission to reduce single-use plastics. Their products are designed with industry leading TriMax® Triple Insulation and can be found in over 20 countries. EcoVessel is committed to sustainability and is a proud member of 1% for the Planet that donates 5% of online sales to various environmental charities. Learn more at

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