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EOTECH® Wins Award for Most Boring Press Release

I’ve been asked to write a press release on EOTECH’s new offering of a consumer financing option on their website. Boring. It couldn’t be something cool like a new scope, or a new technology they discovered. Nope. It’s gotta be financing. Ugh. Alright. Whatever. Here it goes.  

So, financing. I guess it’s kinda cool. I mean it is another alternative to high interest credit cards.  Oh, and it is easy to apply for and in seconds provides instantaneous approval for immediate purchases on the EOTECH website. And it does break down expensive purchases into more manageable payments to hide from your significant other, so that’s pretty cool too.  

Hmmmm. Let’s see. What else. EOTECH did set a goal to be industry leaders in customer and consumer service. Adding another convenient payment option that doesn’t impact consumer’s credit scores but in fact may help boost scores with on-time payments, definitely checks that box.

I was told to add a quote. Ok. Here is what the lady that worked on this said.  

“Historically, under Big Corp, EOTECH was known to be difficult to work with. Since the divestiture, the new ownership and leadership team has set a goal to become industry leaders in customer service, at all levels. Our relationship with Credova offers consumers interested in purchasing EOTECH products another payment option and convenience.” Said Lisa Kemp, Director of Marketing. “Our products are not inexpensive, so offering an alternative to high interest credit cards may make the purchase process easier, more manageable, as well as address a customer who may not have purchased otherwise.”

Oh yeah, here is another thing. The financing firm EOTECH partnered with is Credova®. They have been around for years and offer several financing solutions, a seamless approval process for the consumer, have an approval rating around 80% and they take on the risk of repayment from the manufacturer. But what is really cool is that they are proud supporters of the firearms industry and 2A community. 

So anyway, if you want to check it out, the Credova financing option will be live on EOTECH’s newly launched website at

There. Done. I guess it’s not as boring as I thought. Right. Who am I kidding?  

Now, I gotta go find some coffee. 

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, EOTECH® designs, manufactures and markets electro-optical products, Vudu® rifle optics, thermal devices, and night vision systems. Due to its advanced technology, EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS®) are among the fastest and most intuitive sighting systems on the planet. This is exactly why you’ll find them on the weapons of America’s most elite law enforcement professionals and special operations warriors. You’ll immediately see the advantage the instant you engage a target.

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