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Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Hoodie

The team at Fieldsheer hit us up perfectly though they had no idea.  I was headed out to Moab, Utah, for a week of climbing around rocks, sightseeing and summer vacation.  The weather when we got to Moab was 104 degrees and it was a dry heat.  During our week there it rained for the first time in four months which thankfully knocked down the dust but never did much for the heat.  I got a Mobile Cooling Hoodie to test out and I chose this because of the Sunsheer UPF 50+ Sun Protection. 

The Hoodie is incredibly lightweight and breathes and wicks incredibly well.  It comes with a built in Neck Guard and Face Cover which is handy to have when you need it to walk into businesses that require a facemask.  The underarms, sides and back come with sweatsheer mesh ventilation which did a great job of keeping air flowing.  I wore this out on a hike as we took a tour with Ancient Wayves River and Hiking Adventures.  We got to see House on Fire and eight tower ruins in the Mule Canyon Area.  Quite an incredible area to be honest and we had a tremendous set of Navajo tour guides. 

It was hot and we started out quite early. Itt got hotter throughout the morning but every time we went around a bend there was something great to see.  I didn’t get burned up by the sun on this trip and I felt cool and comfortable.  On the way back out of Mule Canyon, I was working up a sweat. It was uphill and I was enjoying the workout to be honest.  It was good to work up a sweat and burn up a little energy.  This kind of cooling apparel is at its best when you put the hammer down.  It was wicking away the moisture using the driRelease Geo Cool Fabric and providing the kind of technical help to keep my body cool.  When you are investing in activewear you want smart apparel like the products from Fieldsheer.

I would not think twice about getting more of these. I know I will be picking up the black camo version coming soon specifically for late season turkey or early season bow hunts out of the hunting blind.  If you are looking for a do-it-all light hoodie for hot weather, take a look at the Mobile Cooling Hoodie from Fieldsheer or any of the other great mobile cooling technology from this team.

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