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From the Field to the Stage – Easton Arrows Deliver

Salt Lake City, UT- The new Easton 4mm Axis Long Range blurs the lines between hunting and target arrows, delivering ultra-micro diameter and high speed to help beat the wind with laser-like trajectories, and the development of these arrows points right back to Easton’s long standing target archery dominance.

Easton Arrows were the choice of every single medalist at the recently concluded Tokyo Olympic Games, winning all 30 available medals. Easton was the choice of 126 of the 128 archers competing at the Olympics. The Easton X10 has been in the quiver for every single medal awarded at the Olympics since 1996 – an unparalleled winning streak. 

Three-time Olympic Medalist Brady Ellison of Team USA is truly a bowhunter who moonlights as the World’s #1 ranked target archer. The multi-time World Champion is just as likely to be seen at the USA Olympic Training Center with his hunting compound in his hands as he is his Olympic Recurve.  Fortunately for Brady, the World Cup season with Team USA winds down just as hunting season is heating up.

The Easton X10 arrows that Brady uses to for the Olympics are made in the USA in Easton’s Salt Lake City, Utah factory. The Easton 4mm Axis Long Range that Brady uses to hunt giant Coues deer in his home state of Arizona is made in the same factory in the next room over.

Hunting arrows and target arrows share similar importance in their respective arenas. The arrow is the terminal projectile for the hunter and the scoring projectile for the target archer. Despite having different intentions, they are both the single most important piece of equipment an archer carries.  Easton hunting arrows carry the precision craftsmanship taken from decades of Olympic and target archery dominance and put it in a package with the strength needed to deliver in the field. 

Whether on an Olympic stage or coming to full draw at the end of a long stalk to a spooky Coues deer standing 60 yards away, Easton arrows give archers the confidence needed to deliver in the moment.

For more information on Easton’s hunting and target arrow lineups, visit or visit your local Easton dealer.

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