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Herrin Marks Two New Event Records at CMP’s 2021 Talladega 600

TALLADEGA, Ala. – Pistol competitors arrived ready to play at the Talladega 600 marksmanship series – reaching three new event records along the way. The match was held Nov. 15-23, 2021, as part of the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) annual schedule at the Talladega Marksmanship Park in Alabama.

Known as “A Southern Classic,” the Talladega 600 is designed for marksmanship enthusiasts of all ages, disciplines and experience levels. The event features popular recreation-oriented competitions, such as the Garand/Springfield/Vintage/Modern Military rifle and As-Issued 1911 and Military & Police pistol matches, while also adding more advanced challenges like the Congressional 30, Rifle and Pistol Excellence-In-Competition (EIC) and Aggregate competitions.

Making a memorable debut at the Talladega 600 was Justin Tracy, 46, of Cave City, Arkansas, who shattered the Military & Police Service Pistol Match event record by nearly 20 points – firing an overall score of 380-5X.

John O’Donnell (left) claimed several overall pistol wins and High Senior honors.

Eric Herrin, 58, of Raleigh, North Carolina, obtained a record score of 385-8X in the As-Issued 1911 Match, breaking the former record of 376-4X set back in 2016.Herrin went on to earn yet another record score in the EIC Aggregate (competitors firing in the EIC Service Rifle, EIC Service Pistol & .22 Rimfire Pistol EIC Match) with 1006-22X, 16 points over the previous record he had originally marked himself in 2017.

Also giving noteworthy showings in pistol categories was John O’Donnell, 64, of Saint Louis, Missouri, who claimed overall wins in the Pistol EIC, .22 Rimfire Sporter 900 Aggregate, Center Fire Pistol 900 Aggregate, .45 Pistol 900 Aggregate and Match Pistol 2700 events. O’Donnell additionally earned High Senior honors in the Military & Police Service Pistol and As-Issued 1911 matches as well as the Rifle Rimfire Sporter T-Class.

The Talladega 600 features a variety of rifle and pistol competitions for all ages and experience levels.

On the rifle side, James Fox, 36, of Albany, Oregon, achieved several overall team and individual wins, including the Congressional 30, EIC Rifle, HP Dixie Double Match and the 4-Man event as a member of the Elihu Root honorary team (formed from top civilian performers of the National Matches, which was fired at Camp Perry, Ohio, this past summer).

Maj Richard Martinez, 37, of Stafford, Virginia, led the Springfield Match with a score of 291-7X and was just one point away from the existing event record. Martinez is the current Officer in Charge of the Marine Corps Shooting Team.

Kyle Kirschenmann, 57, of Tellico Plains, Tennessee, earned the Three-Gun Aggregate with a score of 841-11X, as Dan Young, 64, of Dublin, Georgia, netted a perfect score of 400-25X in the Benchrest Rimfire Sporter, T-Class match.

Maj Richard Martinez led the Springfield Match with a score of 291-7X.

The 2021 Talladega 600 also introduced a new Day of Clays shotgun event facilitated by the generous non-profit organization, the MidwayUSA Foundation. A total of 85 youth and adults, pros and amateurs, participated in the inaugural set of competitions, games and prizes – all held within Talladega’s shotgun area. The successful day raised over $70,000 in the shotgun event, plus another $20,000 through a special match, for the MidwayUSA Foundation to use toward youth marksmanship programs.

Adding an extra visual display was a rep from CZ-USA, who put on impressive trick shot demonstrations using clay pigeons, heads of lettuce, cans of shaving cream and other uncommon items for guests to enjoy.

Both pistol and rifle educational opportunities are offered at the Talladega 600. Pictured here is CMP Pistol Coordinator Jim Henderson teaching during the CMP Pistol Marksmanship 101 class.

“This event far exceeded our expectations,” said Greg Raines, CMP’s assistant chief operating officer. “The MidwayUSA Foundation raised a ton a money, and it fit in with everything we stand for at the CMP – supporting marksmanship and youth programs.”

Other remarkable performers of the 2021 Talladega 600 included:

Benchrest Garand Match: Charlotte Carroll, 14, Opelika, Alabama – 288-4X

M16 Rifle Course: Paul Sanford, 65, Villa Rica, Georgia – 377-14X

M9 EIC Pistol: Scott Godwin, 47, Auburn, Alabama – 238-2X

4-Man Team: Elihu Root (James Fox, Haley Robinson, Anton Van Hoven, John Holliger) – 1945-66X

HP Dixie Double Match: Holliger-Fox (James Fox, John Holliger) – 589-19X

Congressional 30:
Overall: James Fox, 36, Albany, Oregon – 296-11X
High Junior: Anton Van Hoven, 18, San Rafael, California – 295-11X
High Woman: Haley Robinson, 21, Mill Spring, North Carolina – 290-9X
High Senior: Steven Paci, 60, Greer, South Carolina – 286-8X

EIC Rifle:
Overall: James Fox, 36, Albany, Oregon – 492-18X
High Non-Distinguished: Lauren Wood, 19, Morgan Hill, California – 480-6X

M1A Match Course: CPT Eduardo Gallardo, 50, Cayey, Puerto Rico – 361-4X

Overall As-Issued: Timothy Adamson, 48, Hueytown, Alabama – 362-2X
As-Issued High Senior: Earl Newingham, 64, White Hall, Illinois – 340-2X

Overall: Clint Townsend, 38, Senatobia, Mississippi – 282-5X
High Senior: James Fletcher, 70, Whitney, Texas – 282-1X
High Grand Senior: John Kurek, 71, Jacksonville, North Carolina – 264-1X

Overall: Maj Richard Martinez, 37, Stafford, Virginia – 291-7X
High Senior: Ken Lore, 65, Hickory, North Carolina – 280-6X
High Grand Senior: CPT Donald Lichay, 71, Gurley, Alabama – 271-3X

Vintage Military:
Overall: Kyle Kirschenmann, 57, Tellico Plains, Tennessee – 284-3X
High Senior: Geoff Bateman, 60, Powder Springs, Georgia – 282-6X
High Grand Senior: James Fletcher, 70, Whitney, Texas – 266-5X

Three-Gun Aggregate: Kyle Kirschenmann, 57, Tellico Plains, Tennessee – 841-11X

Modern Military:
Overall: CSM Michael Sage, 52, Columbus, Georgia – 285-9X
High Senior: Joseph McMillan, 62, Greenville, North Carolina – 283-7X
High Grand Senior: James Fletcher, 70, Whitney, Texas – 280-6X

EIC Aggregate: Eric Herrin, 58, Raleigh, North Carolina – 1006-22X (NEW RECORD)

Rimfire Sporter:
Overall T-Class: Cole Cook, 18, White, Georgia – 593-29X
High Junior: Danielle Chapman, 16, Piedmont, Alabama – 585-24X
High Woman: Meaghan Moses, 20, Rentz, Georgia – 586-21X
High Senior: John O’Donnell, 64, Saint Louis, Missouri – 579-20X

Vintage Sniper, Manual: Do What? (Timothy Adamson, David Saxton) – 387-8X

Benchrest Rimfire Sporter, T-Class: Dan Young, 64, Dublin, Georgia – 400-25X

Military & Police Service Pistol:
Overall: Justin Tracy, 46, Cave City, Arkansas – 380-5X (NEW RECORD)
High Senior: John O’Donnell, 64, Saint Louis, Missouri – 356-5X

As-Issued 1911:
Overall: Eric Herrin, 58, Raleigh, North Carolina – 385-8X (NEW RECORD)
High Senior: John O’Donnell, 64, Saint Louis, Missouri – 362-6X

Pistol EIC:
Overall: John O’Donnell, 64, Saint Louis, Missouri – 279-5X
High Non-Distinguished: Scott Godwin, 47, Auburn, Alabama – 242-3X

.22 Rimfire Pistol EIC: Bruce Meredith, 84, La Grange, Georgia – 268-3X

.22 Rimfire Pistol 900 Aggregate, Metallic Sights: John O’Donnell, 64, Saint Louis, Missouri – 811-16X

Center Fire Pistol 900 Aggregate, Metallic Sights: John O’Donnell, 64, Saint Louis, Missouri – 799-12X

.45 Pistol 900 Aggregate, Metallic Sights: John O’Donnell, 64, Saint Louis, Missouri – 785-12X

Match Pistol 2700: John O’Donnell, 64, Saint Louis, Missouri – 2395-40X

For the first time, the Talladega 600 included a shotgun event, sponsored by the MidwayUSA Foundation.

Find a complete list of results on the CMP’s Competition Tracker page at

About Talladega Marksmanship Park:

The CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park is a destination for firearm supporters and those intrigued by the sport, featuring exclusive CMP electronic targets and scoring monitors that can only be found at the 500-acre facility. The park is open to the public every week and regularly hosts rifle, pistol and shotgun events all year long.

New to Talladega in 2021, the CMP now offers its own archery range for guest use – equipped with 20 lanes of life-size 3D targets that can be arranged from 15 to 50 yards. Off of the firing line, the Club House holds a fully-stocked Pro Shop that includes an exclusive collection of rifles, ammunition, marksmanship accessories and CMP memorabilia.

Learn more about the Talladega Marksmanship Park on the CMP website at

The Civilian Marksmanship Program is a federally chartered 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. It is dedicated to firearm safety and marksmanship training and to the promotion of marksmanship competition for citizens of the United States. For more information about the CMP and its programs, log onto

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