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HISEA Chest Waders Review

Waterfowl hunting generally requires a quality set of waders.  Waders are expensive, and not everyone getting into waterfowl hunting can afford to spend the kind of money required for expensive waders, especially if you don’t even know if will like waterfowl hunting.  Enter HISEA Neoprene chest boot-foot waders.  Currently, these are only sold on in the United States.  We got our hands on a set after specifically looking up various discount waders.  We picked up this set at just under $100.00 with Prime shipping.

The HISEA waders are 4.5 mm neoprene chest waders covered in next camo’s EVOS pattern.  This is an extra wide open-terrain waterfowl pattern that should fit in with most marsh and mud flat hunting.  The pattern will work for most all duck hunting and should provide enough concealment in most locations.  These are 100% waterproof and come in a wide variety of sizes to fit different sized individuals.  They come with a cell phone protection pocket and waterproof sleeve, a shotgun shell adjustable wader belt and a repair kit to fix any leaks and punctures. 

My opinion is that these are an entry level pair of waders and if you need a set and you don’t have any, these are worth picking up especially at the price point of under $100.00.  If you plan on spending a good 75 days or so a year hunting ducks like some people we know, you may look elsewhere for a different set of waders. But if you are just getting out for a few days a year or you want to test out whether you like waterfowl hunting or you have someone you are mentoring, this is a great entry level set of waders that are well built and a solid buy for the money. Hisea Waders

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