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How a Go Bag taught me about Team Rubicon

2020 has been a disastrous year for the world with Covid-19, hurricanes and tropical storms, fires in California.  Frankly we need some good news.  Over the last month, I have been learning about Team Rubicon. I received a #teamrubicongobag earlier this month which has allowed me to learn more about the organization and take into account my own preparation with a #gobag that is ready in case I need it.

Team Rubicon is a non-profit disaster response organization that utilizes life skills and experiences of military veterans, first responders, disaster professionals and citizen volunteers to create teams across the United States and the world.   In 2019, Team Rubicon responded with 101 different operations, rebuilt 55 homes and provided 8.5 million dollars in community savings across 7 countries.  Teams provided 262,000 individual hours of service with over 54,000 hours of service in Houston alone.  Over 100,000 volunteers gave hours through Team Rubicon operations and in 2020 those numbers are growing exponentially. Over the last 7 months, Team Rubicon in the face of Covid-19 mobilized nationwide with the Kick the King Food Supportive Services operation that will sunset on October 18th.  Team Rubicon will continue with their Neighbors Helping Neighbors initiative to provide individual acts of service nationwide. 

#NeighborshelpingNeighbors focuses on helping seniors and people at-risk from the Covid-19 virus with an individual check in and basic services like providing food shopping, medication pick up and contactless delivery.  Team Rubicon members report acts of service on Roll Calls, and all of these activities are tracked.  So far over 9,324 acts have been completed including 3,355 instances of emergency food assistance, 1,922 food deliveries and many more services across the country.  Team Rubicon says, “There is no playbook for this situation, but action is the only option.”


Team Rubicon partners with corporations across the country.  My go-bag came filled with a ton of goodies and three challenges.  The gear ranged from a backpack and belt from Under Armour, a Gerber Gear Shard Keychain Tool, Mechanix Wear Gloves and Face mask, Readywise MRE’s, A Luminaid PackLite Hero 2 in 1 phone charger, a Carhartt grey beanie, a WAEF Firstaid kit and Nalgene, a Team Rubicon Red Bandana, hat, wet/dry Bag, notebook and carpenter pencils.  Most importantly the Go Bag came with three challenges and three patches focused on the pillars of Team Rubicon’s operations.

The first challenge was to Prepare, the second one was Respond and the third was Recover.  All three of these are in preparation for actually volunteering and earning a Grey Shirt and volunteering for the organization.  Organizations like this survive on people and cash and this is where we can make a difference.  Team Rubicon has just over 130,000 volunteers with close to 70% being military veterans and the rest made up of civilians and first responders.  If you can volunteer and offer your time do it, if you can fundraise and help this organization grow then join the team, if you can make a one time or a monthly donation, please make a difference.  We need more great news in our world, and Team Rubicon is the kind of organization that can create change, create a value for the communities that need help but also for the community of volunteers who choose to work for this organization and give of themselves.  We need more greyshirts and we need more great success stories of greyshirts in action making a difference for our entire country.  I will step down from my soapbox now, I have my own greyshirt to go out and earn.

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