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Hunting Gear for Hunting Trips

The great outdoors provides many one-of-a-kind sights and hobbies for those who enjoy getting away from it all. No matter its’ a short drive or a weekend trip taking the time to enjoy nature is important no matter if it’s camping, fishing, or hunting. However, a good trip requires you to be prepared and have the right equipment. As hunter companies like Hinterland Outfitters help by providing the newest and best in hunting equipment of all types. While a good rifle is perhaps your most essential piece of equipment it’s not the only thing you need to make a trip safer, easier, and more fun.

What to Bring on a Hunting Trip

When getting ready to go on a hunting trip it’s important to be prepared while you may not need every item on this list you’re sure to find some of them useful and will certainly be grateful you have them on hand.

  • Paperwork: like many things hunting involves paperwork and if you encounter game wardens you need to have yours in order. You need your hunting license, a state-issued ID such as a driver’s license, deer tags, and any other legal certifications or identifiers that may be required in your state or the state you’re hunting in. Hunting documentation can be highly specific for example here are the types of documents used in the state of Texas. In addition, if you’re hunting on private land be sure to ask for permission and fill out any paperwork if they have a formal process for visiting hunters.
  • Gear: naturally, you’ll need a hunting rifle (or bow if you’re into bow hunting) but don’t forget other key items such as ammo (including proper storage), calls, binoculars, a good light source, portable food, toilet paper, water, and a sturdy backpack to bring it all in. Also,when out in the field these items may not be critical, but they can still make the trip easier and less stressful. So don’t be afraid to pack batteries, towels, a two-way radio, matches, a seat cushion, and hand warmers with you.
  • Clothing: a good hunter should be dressed for the environment they are in. So if it’s raining be sure to have the right jacket on hand and if it’s cold you’re going to want to layer properly using long underwater and a lined jacket. If you’re going to be moving through a heavily wooded area puncture-proof clothing can prevent scrapes and scratches. Also, you’ll want to check your state laws as many states require the wearing of a specific amount of orange clothing and/or an orange hat to legally hunt. 
  • Odds and Ends: after the hunt, you’ll want to have items handy such as gloves, a deer drag, a good cooler, processing knives, a saw, and specialty tools such as a butt-out game dressing tool. After a successful hunt, you want to be able to safely and easily transport any game you have killed and if hunting specific animals such as deer you’ll want to have specific tools to help.

Final Thoughts

A weekend hunting trip can be a relaxing, fun, and invigorating time however, without the right equipment it can quickly become frustrating. Taking the time to make sure you have what you need before the trip ensures you’re ready and prepared for the outdoors.

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