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Innovations to Fall 2020 Camo Patterns from Duck Camp

Duck Camp fans talked; the brand listened!

Guides, outfitters, brand ambassadors, customers and retail partners shared feedback and insights from the field with Duck Camp after last season. Based on those conversations, Duck Camp is excited to announce two brand-new camo patterns are launching today for the Fall 20 hunt season! New for this coming fall, Duck Camp—the Austin-based cast-and-blast brand—rolls out Woodland and Midland 2.0.

Duck Camp Camo embraces the science of new camouflage systems while paying respect to the ancestry of where camouflage came from. This coming fall, you’ll find new camouflage patterns that’s as if your Grandfather’s “duck camo” shook hands with new school technology. Seasons and temperatures change, and so do the colors in the environment and the type of clothing needed to suit each one. So, Duck Camp developed proprietary camouflage patterns that cater to a variety of habitats and varying seasons.

New for Fall 2020 from Duck Camp…


Always committed to evolving and innovating, Duck Camp today rolls out its new Woodland camouflage pattern, a combination of late-season and early season wetland camouflages into one versatile pattern. Duck Camp’s Fall 2020 Woodland was developed and iterated on for maximum concealment in the tree canopy. The Woodland camouflage pattern will take you from the whitetail stand to the flooded timber duck spot to the spring turkey sit. The vertical lines in the Woodland pattern perfectly mimic the vertical nature of tree bark. The varying shades of greens, browns, grays and tans help the hunter blend in well in different types of woods making this the ultimate wooded environment camo pattern regardless of the season.

CLICK HERE for Woodland information.

Midland 2.0

Duck Camp also updated its Midland pattern to conceal at longer ranges, making it the ultimate camo on the market for high plains, grass country and brush. The brand-new Fall 2020 pattern is  called Midland 2.0. Duck Camp calls Texas home, and Texas is brush country, and when the crew realized there wasn’t a great brush country and high plains camouflage pattern on the market, they decided to create their own. The different shades of brown and green and the contrasting lights and darks in the pattern emulate the dead mesquite, salt grass and other native grasses in these prime hunting environments. Wear this pattern in any mixed grass plains environment for ultimate concealment on a spot and stalk hunt, or simply to fool the eye of those big bad doves! 

CLICK HERE for Midland 2.0 information.

If you’re interested in learning more or snagging a piece to test in the field, please let me know. And, here’s a quick video from the guys at Duck Camp that goes a bit deeper into how they improved their camouflage patterns for Fall 2020: WATCH HERE!

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