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Knockaround Snow Goggles for Hunting Late Season?

We picked up a pair of the Knockaround glasses this summer. We were looking for a good pair of sunglasses to wear out on the water and a pair that, if we lost them, we would not cry over a huge hit to the pocketbook. Now we just found the new Knockaround Snow Goggles. and compared with other snow goggles that are the market these are perfect for late season hunting in snow, wind and rain when it is cold.

The first time that I saw snow goggles on the hunt was while filming a buffalo hunt in 50 mph winds and negative 50 degrees about 20 miles south of the Canadian border in Montana. It was so cold the LCD screen on my camera froze and would not work. Our hunter got frostbite on his nose and could not feel the tips of his fingers. The guide looked cool as could be and told us that his goggles kept his eyes from tearing up in the brutal wind. Since then a pair of snow goggles has been a part of my kit for really cold late season hunts. 

Knockaround Snow Goggles won’t break the bank, they are clear and easy to keep protected in the case that comes with them and most models have more than one lens that comes with them. All orders over $40.00 offer free shipping. These are worth getting to keep your vision clear regardless of how ugly the weather gets on your hunt. All orders over $40.00 offer free shipping.

Shop the Knockaround Snow Goggles this winter!

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