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Make Range Time Rounds Count with Holosun

The range is a new shooter’s best friend, and frequent visits build the confidence and skills that translate to practical use in the field. Hitting the range is often intimidating for beginners, but range days quickly become habitual with a simple system. New shooters must learn the range rules, build a systematic approach to equipment, set specific goals, and learn fundamental marksmanship skills.


Every trip to the range requires basic safety equipment. Assemble a kit with quality eye and ear protection, a case or tote for your unloaded firearm and ammunition, paper targets, and a cleaning kit.


Every range is different, and with each comes a unique set of rules. A simple outdoor range on public land is much different from a full tactical range with interactive courses and targets. Learn the range rules, never point a firearm anywhere but downrange, and don’t rush through the process. Many ranges require a club membership or paperwork, so do your homework and arrive early to handle the liability waiver process.

Getting Started:

Start simple and focus on straight-shooting in a static environment. Focus on your technique at short distances and gradually increase as you build proficiency. The grip and stance are critical, and practicing at the range and at home will form important fundamental techniques.

Setting Goals:

Hand and eye coordination improve shooting and reaction times. Holosun optical sights allow you to maintain a target focus rather than front iron sight focus which improves speed, accuracy, and precision. Holosun sights adjust to the conditions with different brightness settings and multiple reticle options giving the end-user plenty of options to tailor the optic for the best personal fit. Take your firearm to the range and increase accuracy by combining great shooting techniques with a world-class red dot optic.


Holosun optics adjust to the conditions with different brightness settings and multiple reticle options. Using a red dot optic can increase accuracy and response time for self-defense, competition, tactical shooting purposes. Designed for every experience level, Holosun optics can make every shooter faster, safer, and more accurate.

Holosun Technologies, Inc., located in City of Industry, California, is committed to creating innovative optic and laser/IR technologies that benefit a broad range of shooting, hunting, law enforcement and professional needs. Using the quality manufacturing standards demanded by some of the best-known optics brands in the world, with a wide range of affordable options, Holosun is at the forefront of development of new sight technologies. Key innovations include Shake Awake TechnologyTM, 50,000-hour battery life, Solar FailSafeTM, Multiple Reticle SystemTM (MRS), Super Green LED, and IR/Laser units that utilize the most recent advancements in laser and LED technology. At Holosun, we pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge equipment at a competitive price that astounds the competition and the end-user.

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