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Matarese Jr. and Daniel Headline Team Winchester, Win at NSCA U.S. Open

Anthony Matarese Jr. continued his winning streak in 2021 with an impressive performance at the NSCA U.S. Open. Matarese Jr. bested the field and won the Main Event champion title, his third U.S. Open win, as well as runner-up in the FITASC event. Meanwhile, the youngest member of Team Winchester, Connor Daniel, 13, stacked up an impressive list of accomplishments including Sub-Junior champion at the Main Event, first place in the Main Event AA Class, and first place in the FITASC Event AA Class.

“Congratulations to Anthony and Connor on excellent performances against an extremely talented field of competitors,” said Matt Campbell, vice president of marketing and sales at Winchester. “We are extremely proud of Team Winchester and excited to watch them as they continue to compete at the highest levels across the shooting sports this year.” 

Matarese Jr.’s and Daniel’s shotshell of choice was the AAHLA127. This Lite Handicap is loaded with a 1-ounce high antimony shot traveling at 1290 fps. The higher velocity ensures plenty of energy on even the farthest targets and lessens the lead required on fast-moving birds. The 6% antimony shot reduces pellet deformation to keep patterns tighter and allows shooters to use the smaller 1-ounce shot charge, which provides less recoil.

The 2021 U.S. Open was held at Claythorne Lodge in Columbus, Kansas. The NSCA Championship Tour, Powered by Winchester®, had the legendary AA® shotshells available for all competitors at the event.

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