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MKS Supply Promotes “First Time Gun Buyer” Website Resource

MKS Supply, marketer and exclusive distributor for Barnaul Ammunition and well-known firearms brands Hi-Point Firearms and Inland Manufacturing, expands its ongoing support for responsible firearm ownership and the defense of U.S. Constitutional rights initiatives with an update of the company’s First Time Gun Buyer informational website,

MKS Supply developed the site as a “step one” resource for Americans who are considering purchasing a firearm for the first time or who have previously acquired a firearm and seek straightforward information and guidance on the next steps they need to take. With the unprecedented expansion of new and first-time gun owners in the country over the last year and the continuing concern of American citizens to protect themselves and their families during this period of rising violent crime, is a vital resource for those new to firearms or who are looking to make informed decisions regarding firearm ownership and use. offers a wealth of information that takes site visitors from “Do I want to own a firearm” to “How do I learn to safely use my firearm” and everything in-between. Topics covered include:

  • Important things to consider before buying a gun
  • Basics of firearm safety
  • Detailed FAQ section of the most common questions prospective and new firearm owners have
  • Easy to understand overview of the different firearm types
  • A breakdown of proper firearm terminology
  • Discussion of ammunition types
  • Links to helpful resources

Through, site visitors gain the foundational information they need to ask the right questions at their local FFL dealer and feel confident in acquiring a firearm for defensive or sporting purposes. The site is also a valuable reference tool for retailers to help their customers and potential customers to become safe and responsible gun owners.

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About MKS Supply

Based in Dayton, OH, MKS Supply, LLC has over three decades of experience in firearm marketing and merchandising, with a proven nationwide distributor network. MKS Supply is the sales and marketing branch of Hi-Point, Barnaul ammunition and Inland Manufacturing.

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