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MKS Supply Supports Industry Mental Health Initiative

January 2021, Dayton, OH – MKS Supply, marketer and exclusive distributor for Barnaul Ammunition and well-known firearms brands Hi-Point Firearms and Inland Manufacturing is pleased to support Walk the Talk America. Walk the Talk America (WTTA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to bring together the firearm and mental health communities with the goal of preventing suicide by guiding people in need to critical mental health resources.

The WTTA approach to mental health assistance is unique in that it works to eradicate the prejudice that both the firearms and mental health industries face through increased awareness and by addressing misunderstandings regarding mental illness and firearms. The core of WTTA’s efforts focus on gun suicide prevention by:

  • educating mental health professionals on America’s firearm culture and beliefs as well as providing an elementary understanding of firearm handling, operation, and storage through classroom instruction and live-fire exercises
  • de-stigmatizing mental illness on an individual level through educational outreach supported by the firearms community, allowing those in critical need to feel comfortable seeking help from mental health professionals who better understand them

The Walk the Talk America initiative “…creates a collaborative effort to share information about depression, anxiety, PTSD, and much more so that the warning signs displayed by someone who may be considering suicide are laid bare and made plain to more people who can intervene,” said WTTA Founder and President Michael Sodini. “One of the main ways we do this is through our link that provides free and anonymous screening tools for better mental health and treatment engagement.”

MKS Supply is proud to be a corporate partner in support of WTTA’s public education and outreach efforts and encourages everyone in the 2A community to do likewise through the organization’s many opportunities available for individuals, retail stores, and firearm and accessory manufacturers. For more information, visit the Walk the Talk America website at

About MKS Supply

Based in Dayton, OH, MKS Supply, LLC has over three decades of experience in firearm marketing and merchandising, with a proven nationwide distributor network. MKS Supply is the sales and marketing branch of Barnaul ammunition, Hi-Point and Inland Manufacturing. Media Contact: Kara Brown-Boesenberg,

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