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Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying Your First Gun

There is a sudden surge in the number of concealed-carry permit holders. Naturally, these permit holders will eventually purchase their own firearms., meaning that there will be an incidental surge in the number of first-time buyers. Buying a gun can be an intimidating prospect, especially for those who have only begun to learn how to use firearms. If you’re among those who plan to buy their first gun, here are some pointers to keep in mind:

Do Your Research

As with any other first-time purchase, it’s important to arm yourself with reliable information before you commit to a purchase. The internet is a rich source of information, but it also contains numerous falsehoods, so it’s important to select your sources carefully. Some reliable sources are Shooting Illustrated and American Rifleman. Books and eBooks are also reliable sources of information. The first few things to know are what type of gun is best for you and what caliber.

Choose Among Basic Guns First

Gun types feel different in the hand. Some people prefer the feel of a semiautomatic and the ease of concealment while other people prefer the simplicity of a revolver and its ease of maintenance. Choosing your gun type of choice is much easier when you have access to a gun range where you can shoot the gun safely. One of the best places to shop for guns are NRA annual meetings, where all major gun manufacturers have experts who can answer questions without any bias to their own products.

Selecting Your Caliber

Caliber is pretty much a matter of personal preference. Purists will often champion their own calibers (whether they be .45ACP, .38mm, 9mm, etc) but the truth is that it depends on how comfortable you are with a firearm. Most calibers such as the .380mm, .40 S&W, .45ACP, and the .38 Special are all tried and tested calibers for personal defense. You can ask a seasoned shooter for advice, but finding a gun you’re comfortable shooting with is far more important than the caliber you’re going to feed it.

Choose the Right Store

Not all stores will give you the right recommendations for a first gun. When buying guns, you’re going to be far better off buying from small businesses instead of a large chain. The premise behind this is that many large chains hire staff who are inexperienced with firearms, making them unreliable when it comes to recommendations. Small businesses are much more reliable not just because it’s their livelihood, but also because firearms are also their passion. Once you are accustomed to buying guns, you may even consider checking the internet for guns for sale.


Much like buying a car, it’s important to test the model at the range. Not only will this help you familiarize yourself with the gun, but it will also reveal what type of gun you really want. You don’t have to purchase a gun soon after securing a CCW permit. Take your time, try out as many guns as you can until you find one that suits you best.

Remember that buying a gun isn’t like most purchases. It’s an investment in security, so take your time.

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