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Mud Boots or Snake Boots

Mudtrek Snake Boots from Irish Setter Sets the Bar Incredibly High

Mud Boots or Snake Boots?  How about covering both of those with the new Mudtrek Boots from Irish Setter Boots.  The new Mudtrek snake boots are the rubber boots that you have been dreaming about.  These Mudtreks are some of the lightest boots created by Irish Setter and are some of the lightest on the market.

Hunters can choose from snug, athletic or traditional, roomier full fit.  They have youth hunting boots, women’s hunting boots and men’s hunting boots all in the Mudtrek snake boot line up.  At first look you notice the side zipper.  This helps you get your feet into and out of the boots easily. The seal on the zipper is completely waterproof with internal rubber.  I like being able to tuck my pants directly into these boots to keep bugs out of my pants.  Of course, with all of my gear, I use a pretty liberal amount of Ranger Ready Permethrin on my boots, clothes and gear for hunting to keep ticks and mosquitoes off my gear and off my body.

These snake boots are built with Temp Sens which allows temperature regulations built into the lining for comfort.  In this manner, the boots repel heat and migrate moisture using a hyper-wicking away from your feet. This gives your feet some evaporative cooling.  In colder conditions, it pulls moisture from your feet and traps it in the thermal barrier to keep a comfortable temperature inside the boot.

The Temp Sens is built with Scentban Technology to keep your feet from smelling during the warmer archery season.  In the insulated styles with ThermoBoost technology you get light boots with less bulk. The 3D fleece linings provide warmth and keep air flowing through the lining. “We set out to address the top concerns with rubber boots, and the MudTrek line is the result,” said Charley Bryant, Irish Setter Product Merchant. “They’re lightweight, fit well, are waterproof and regulate the temperature inside the boot exceptionally well.”

The sole of these snake boots are self-cleaning and keep the mud and dirt dropping off your boots as you walk and move. The neoprene/rubber makes these waterproof and will keep them in use for quite a few years.  The heal on these has a toe clip that lets you use your toe to help get the boots off and step right out of them.  The insole of these boots is comfortable and the full fit gives your feet room to breathe. 

The vulcanized rubber boot features SnakeGuard which provides resistance to fangs and thorns and keeps your feet warm and dry during wet or early morning hunts.  Testing these on early morning turkey scouting trips and coming home with dry socks has us smiling from ear to ear.  When comparing the Mudtrek Snake Boots to some of the rubber hunting boots on the market, the upside of the Mudtrek boots is the moisture management  component. As well, we are happy with the light weight of these rubber hunting boots.  #mudboots #Snakeboots #rubberboots #Irishsetter #mudtrek #huntingboots

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