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Must Have Overland Trailer Accessories


Turn your overland trailer into a fully equipped off-road hunting trailer with the right aftermarket accessories. With the best off-road accessories, you can be prepared for anything on an overland hunting trip.

When you go hunting, preparation is everything. The last thing you want, especially on overnight or overland hunting trips, is to find out after you get there that you don’t have the right gear or equipment for the occasion. If you don’t have the right gear, it can mean a miserable hunting trip at best and a life-threatening injury at worst. Hunting trips are off-road and off-grid, which means creature comforts and help can be far away. That distance is why it is so important to be prepared.

If you are an experienced hunter you probably take an overlanding trailer with you on overland trips because of all the gear and equipment you need. Experienced hunters know overland trailers are rugged off-road trailers designed to lighten the load of your off-road vehicle and distribute the weight from all your hunting gear onto an extra axle. These trailers make it easy to take your base camp wherever you go while letting you keep an unburdened off-road vehicle with you.

Whether your overlanding trailer is an expedition cargo trailer, off-road camper, or a custom, homemade off-road trailer, the right accessories and equipment can make any hunting trip easier and more comfortable. This is our list of top overland trailer accessories to help you work smarter and not harder on your hunting trip.

Top Overland Trailer Accessories in 2021

YETI® Crossroads Bags and Luggage

Hunting means carrying a lot of gear, which means hunters need bags. The new Crossroads line of bags and luggage by YETI® is an impressive collection of bags designed for the outdoors. Starting at the low price $25, you can buy anything from a lunch box or packing cube to a backpack or duffel bag. These bags are made from the exceptionally durable Tuffskin Nylon which is also water resistant. The Crossroads line is perfect for keeping things secure and organized in your overland trailer while also offering mobility in the great outdoors. For hunters with a lot of gear, we recommend either the Crossroads 35L Backpack ($249.99) or the 60LL Duffel Bag ($249.99).

  • Crossroads 35L Backpack ($249.99): This backpack is perfect for packing and carrying the gear you need when traveling on foot on your hunting trip. It is a high-capacity bag that is large enough for anything you might need on a long day away from your base camp. Like suitcases, it has a clamshell opening, making it incredibly easy to pack and organize your gear.
  • Crossroads 60L Duffel Bag ($249.99): The 60L duffel bag is a great way to keep things organized at your base camp, while still offering portability. This large bag is perfect for road trips because it comes with optional divider panels to separate the bag into up to three sections. It also comes with foam walls to keep the bag from collapsing. Overall, it is a great accessory for your overland trailer because it makes staying organized a lot easier without sacrificing too much mobility.

The YETI® Crossroads line has a lot of options that make it easier to protect your gear, stay organized, and stay mobile. Be sure to check out their full product line if you need something slightly larger or smaller than the 35L Backpack or the 60L Duffel Bag.

SleepDog® Big Dawg Mattress

Price: $599

BigDawg Mattress™
BigDawg Mattress™

On a hunting trip, getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult, if not impossible, on an uncomfortable mattress. That’s why we recommend the SleepDog® Big Dawg Mattress™. The Big Dawg Mattress™ is made of 9-inches of plush memory foam with built in cooling technology, making them unbelievably comfortable. If you have muscle aches at the end of a long day of hunting, you can relax knowing that this mattress is designed to relieve your pressure points. SleepDog® specializes in over-the-road mattresses, including mattresses for overland trailers. These mattresses are designed for the smaller space in an overland trailer while still providing a better night’s sleep than the average OEM trailer mattress. SleepDog® mattresses come in multiple sizes, including size A (36”x80”), B (39”x80”), C (42”x80”), D (32”x80”), and Queen (60”x80”).

MyMedic™Stormproof Universal First Aid Kit

Price: $150

Stormproof Universal First Aid Kit
Stormproof Universal First Aid Kit

Hunting trips take you away from civilization, making them an ideal getaway for hunters who enjoy relaxing in the great outdoors. The downside is that it can take a lot of time to get medical help or other emergency aid if you get hurt on a hunting trip. Thus, a first aid kit is a must have for your overland trailer. First aid kits are great for treating minor injuries or managing serious injuries until emergency responders arrive. MyMedic™ first aid kits are the perfect addition to your overland trailer because everything you might need is packed, organized, and labeled for you. With one of these kits, you can manage everything from minor cuts and bruises to broken bones. MyMedic™ first aid kits come in several different sizes, whether you need a kit for just a couple of people or a large group of eight (8) or more.


Price: $99.99


Coming back to your base camp after a long day of hunting only to discover that your overland trailer or off-road vehicle has been stolen can be an anxiety inducing nightmare. That’s why we think one of the best overland trailer accessories you can buy is the SPOT TRACE®. The SPOT TRACE® is a GPS tracking system for your trailer or vehicle, making it perfect for preventing theft. Simply attach the battery powered SPOT device to your trailer or vehicle and you can receive alerts if your either one is moved. SPOT offers monthly service plans, starting at $9.95/month, that can notify you in as little as 2 ½ minutes of detecting movement. You can even view your overland trailer’s GPS coordinates in near real-time with SPOT mapping. Best of all, you can use the SPOT TRACE® at home too!

BioLite SolarHome 620

Price: $149.95

SolarHome 620
SolarHome 620

When you spend the night off the road and off the grid, one of the best overland trailer accessories is a solar powered lighting system. Powered by a 6W solar panel and 20-watt hour battery, the BioLite SolarHome 620 is the ideal lighting system. It provides enough power for three (3) hanging lights, a USB charger, and a radio. It also comes with a control box, a motion sensor, and wall mounted light switches. A solar- powered lighting kit means that you can make the most of your day away from basecamp. Even if it is dark when you get back to your basecamp, you still have indoor and outdoor lighting to work by. BioLite also offers compatible accessories, like string lights, that can help make your overland trailer feel like a home away from home.

Outdoor Water Filters by Epic Water

Price: $34.95

The Outdoor Answer _ Nalgene Filter
The Outdoor Answer _ Nalgene Filter

Clean drinking water is a must have for any outdoor adventure, including hunting. If you travel to an area that is off the beaten path, then outdoor water filters by Epic Water is a great accessory to keep stocked in your overland trailer or packed in a YETI® Crossroad bag. These outdoor filters can remove 99.9999% of contaminants from freshwater sources. Epic Water offers outdoor filter kits for Hydro Flask and Nalgene water bottles. Even if you get a little lost when traveling on foot, this filter makes it possible to stay hydrated with clean drinking water, even if the water came out of a swamp. Each kit comes with lids, two straws, and a filter. Epic Water filters are perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time exploring the great outdoors.

Overland Bugout 130™ Solar Charger System

Price: $595

Bugout 130™ Solar Charger

If you need efficient and reliable power on a hunting trip, the Overland Bugout 130™ solar charging system is an excellent overland trailer accessory. This system boasts an impressive 130 watts of power and can plug directly into a battery pack. The solar panels included in the kit are highly portable because they were designed for folks who like to get away from it all and stay away from RV parks. That means that the panels can be packed and stored inside your overland trailer and then quickly mounted as needed. These systems are also easy to disassemble and pack away too. Overland Solar offers several other solar powered accessories too, including more compact charging systems and rechargeable batteries. We recommend checking out the entire line of Overland Solar products to get the right solar charging system for your needs.


Here at HuntingLife, we are always keeping an eye out for the latest and greatest hunting gear. Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to be fully equipped and prepared for anything on a hunting trip. If you want to stay up to date with the latest gear, check back with us. We will make it easy for you to find the best hunting equipment and accessories for your overland trailer.

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