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New for 2021: Flextone’s New Thunder Chick™ Breeder Decoy Tempts Tenacious Toms

 New for 2021, Flextone’s Thunder Chick™ Breeder completes the trifecta of Thunder Chick decoys and is sure to get any passing gobbler’s attention. True-to-life size and featuring impressive detail, the Thunder Chick Breeder matches the non-dominant breeding body posture of a natural hen.

Like all decoys in the Flextone ® Thunder Series, the Thunder Chick Breeder utilizes a realistic paint scheme that’s sure to get gobblers of all ages fired up. The Thunder Chick Breeder can be used as a stand-alone decoy or pairs exceptionally well with the Thunder Jake or Thunder Creeper decoys, allowing hunters to build the perfect setup that’s irresistible to cruising gobblers. The sight of a jake with a breeder hen often drives boss toms wild. This proven two-decoy setup is simple yet effective, and the Thunder Chick Breeder submissive posture is perfect for this application.

The Thunder Chick Breeder decoy is incredibly durable, thanks to one-piece, blow-molded design, ensuring a lifetime of reliable use in the field. The decoy includes an integrated, carbon-fiber stake for easy setup and stowing. The stake folds into the body of the decoy, so it won’t get lost in the field and ensures a compact package for carrying. Likewise, the decoy fits in a vest without weighing you down.

Flextone Thunder Chick Breeder Specs:

  • True-to-life size and posture of breeding hen
  • Sparks fights with all ages of gobblers
  • Blow-molded for detail and durability
  • Includes integrated stake for easy setup
  • Non-dominant
  • Body posture: breeding
  • Head posture: aggressive
  • MSRP: $49.99

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Flextone© game calls were designed to more accurately mimic the anatomy of game animals by using both hard and soft flexible parts. The result was truly lifelike sounds that callers could adjust in pitch, volume, and inflection. Other call designers have tried to recreate this structure, but Flextone remains the first. And the best. This drive to go our own way brought Flextone into multiple product categories since then: now offering decoys, blinds, accessories and more. We remain focused on our mission to seek out unconventional ways to help hunters find success. For more information, please visit

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