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Ol’Man® Provides Mobility and Flexibility in one Ultralight Package

Hunters utilize a variety of treestands for various hunting situations. More often than not, hang-on style treestands afford hunters the best combination of value and portability. Ol’Man’s Assassin Hang On Treestand and Speed Rail Hang On Ladder allow hunters to access their property in a hunter-friendly package.

The Ol’Man® Assassin Hang On is designed for hunters who cover lots of ground and need to shift locations when those big bucks change their patterns throughout the season. Combined with the Assassin Speed Rail Hang On Ladder, hunters will be able to move from one location to another with minimal disturbance. 

The Assassin Hang On checks all of the boxes to be considered a premium hunting platform. The stand features a Millennium Style ComfortMAX seat that makes all-day sits comfortable and productive. It also folds up quickly and silently for standing shots. The Ol’Man Stand On Tree Stand also features an ergonomic footrest for added comfort. The stand easily folds flat for backpacking in and out of the toughest terrains.  

The perfect companion to the Assassin Hang On is the Ol’Man Assassin Speed Rail Hang On Ladder. Innovative design allows hunters the ability to access those odd-shaped trees that once were considered inaccessible. Independent ladder sections allow hunters to use a less-than-perfect tree. The Ol’Man Assassin Speed Rail Hang On Ladder eliminates the metal-to-metal attachment system, and the quiet double loop connection straps provide an easy, noiseless climb. The stand height is adjustable up to 16 feet. 

The strong steel construction and powder-coat finish make the Ol’Man Assassin Hang on and Speed Rail Hang On Ladder a durable system that every hunter can count on for days on end.

Ol’Man Assassin Hang On Treestand Features:

  • Millennium-style Comfortmax seat
  • Seat folds up for standing shots
  • Powder-coat finish
  • Footrest included
  • Stand folds flat for backpacking
  • Chain and backpack straps included
  • Designed and manufactured by Millennium Outdoors
  • Specifications
  • Model#: O-030-00
  • Weight: 19 LBS.
  • Material: Powder-coated Steel
  • Capacity: 300 LBS

Ol’Man Assassin Speed Rail Hang on Ladder Features:

  • No metal to metal attachment system
  • Designed for odd-shaped trees
  • Powder-coat finish
  • Steel construction
  • Allows you to climb up to 16feet
  • Three independent sections
  • Designed and manufactured by Millennium Outdoors
  • Specifications:  
  • Model#: OL-33-00
  • Weight: 15 LBS.
  • Material: Powder Coated Steel
  • Capacity: 300 LBS.

At Millennium Outdoors, manufacturer of Millennium Treestands, OL’MAN Treestands, and Millennium Marine, we are committed to ensuring each hunter and angler can make the most out of every season, from the big bucks in the fall to gobblers in the spring, from redfish on flats to crappie and bass in lakes, and every species and season in between. From innovative hang-on and ladder stands to ground blind chairs, fishing seats, and rod holders, Millennium Outdoors and its brands are dedicated to providing quality products to avid outdoor enthusiasts. Millennium’s reputation has been built on comfort, safety, quality, and versatility that hunters 

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