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Outwit Old Longbeards with Avian-X’s Customizable HDR Strutter™ Decoy

The new Avian-X® HDR™ Strutter adds the aggressive poster needed to fool dominant longbeards and is the NEWEST addition to the Heavy-Duty Realism (HDR) series. The HDR Strutter’s modular design brings an unprecedented level of realism and flexibility. This convincing tom allows for intricate customization when using advanced tactics on mature, wise birds. 

The HDR Strutter’s customizable options make it several decoys-in-one. The strutter comes with two heads painted with spot-on accuracy to mimic two unique moods and dominance structures within the flock. The Flag Head (red-white-blue) represents the passive, sub-dominate longbeard, while the Snowball Head (white) represents the dominant longbeard in the flock who does most of the breeding. Hunters can change the heads in seconds in the field to adjust tactics to be successful.  

It’s hard to beat the HDR Strutter’s true-to-life paint schemes and flocked features. The tail fan is a masterpiece and the first of its kind. It’s extremely durable and injection-molded from a translucent material that allows light to pass through, creating an incredible life-like fan. It packs easily in a turkey vest when collapsed and stands the test of time in all weather conditions. The tail fan adjusts between a tom and jake by merely shortening the outermost tail fan sections. However, there is no substitution for the real thing, and that’s why Avian-X’s design lets hunters have the option of either using the semi-transparent tail fan or substituting real feathers.

HDR Strutter also features removable wing primaries to reduce the bulk of the decoy and creates the natural wing position of a strutting tom. The synthetic beard is adjustable to allow the hunter to fully customize the decoy from tom to jake in seconds. The decoy is 15% smaller than life-size, making bagging and transport easy for the run-and-gun hunter. A heavy-duty stake effortlessly penetrates hard ground and holds the decoy steady while allowing for natural movement. Its rubber-molded leg stubs add even more realism. All HDR decoys are blow-molded from hand-carved designs and feature unbeatable detail and durability. The Avian-X’s HDR Strutter includes everything the turkey hunter needs to trick toms this spring. 


  • Durable blow-molded design for many seasons of use
  • Authentic rubber-molded leg stubs with spur detail
  • Customize setups with two interchangeable head postures; one Flag, one Snowball
  • 15% smaller than a life-size, mature bird for easy transport
  • Removable wings and tail fan for transportation 
  • Semi-transparent, injection-molded tail fan adjusts to simulate tom or jake
  • True-to-life paint scheme and feather detail
  • Flocked rump for added realism
  • Steal stake for enhanced durability and realistic movement without unnatural spin


  • HDR™ Strutter decoy
  • 2 Removable heads
  • Injection-molded tail fan
  • Removable wings
  • Synthetic beard
  • Heavy-duty stake
  • Decoy bag
  • MSRP $249.99

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Avian-X builds innovative and high-quality gear with a lofty goal-to make every decoy look like an authentic wild bird. Avian-X is the official decoy manufacturer of the National Wild Turkey Federation and is committed to creating the best turkey decoys for wild turkey hunters and conservationists.

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