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Ozonics® Introduces The O.N.ETM Gear Locker

The O.N.E Gear Locker is the Ultimate Tool for Sanitizing your Hunting Equipment

Lake Jackson, Texas – In 2007, Ozonics Hunting® established themselves as the leader and proprietor of active scent control for treestand and ground blind hunters with the introduction of the revolutionary Ozonics HR100 in-the-field ozone generator. Since its introduction the technology has continued to evolve, including a focus on Ozonics products built to deodorize your gear in or out of the field. First the DriWashTM Bag was introduced, now new for Fall 2020, the Ozonics O.N.E.TM Gear Locker.

The Ozonics O.N.E. (Ozone Neutral Environment) is the ultimate gear locker for pre-treating your hunting gear and is designed to be used in conjunction with Ozonics ozone generating devices. The O.N.E Gear Locker will safely and effectively deodorize and sanitize your hunting clothes, gear, and equipment, destroying unwanted odors and surface pathogens. It is ruggedly built with oxidation resistant materials and heavy-duty frame for years of effective use.

With its industry leading size, the gear locker is perfect for your home or hunting camp. The spacious design will easily accommodate all your gear. At 70″ High X 46.5″ Wide X 29″ Deep, and a weight of 30 pounds the O.N.E provides the space needed to properly hang your gear to most effectively eliminate unwanted odor, but is still easy to take down and bring to your next hunting location or destination.  

An Ozonics Orion, HR300 or HR230 can be used in conjunction with the O.N.E. Simply place any of the three units in DriWash mode, place in the pocket as the bottom of the locker, and let the oxidizing power of ozone sanitize and deodorize your gear in anticipation of your next hunt. To learn more watch 

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About Ozonics:

As the industry leader in scent control, Ozonics is the first and only in-the-field ozone generator that has been designed to attack human scent with scent-destroying ozone. Unlike any other scent control product, Ozonics continuously deals with the scent in your hunting area by using ozone to eliminate, alter and reduce scent molecules making them undetectable by deer and other scent-wary game.

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