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Packing Power Tools for Hunting Trips

A small yet powerful tool to have in your arsenal on your next hunting tip is a reciprocating saw. These small and handy power tools are used to cut through a variety of materials. Since you never know what can happen on a trip out in the wilderness, a reciprocating saw can be a lifesaver.

What to Bring on Your Hunting Trips

Experienced hunters know the basics to bring, but what are some extra accessories that can benefit your trip? Let’s take a look.

Reciprocating Saw

Preferably a cordless one, but a reciprocating saw is used to but through different materials that can get in your way. They don’t have a very loud operation, which is the bane of a successful hunting excursion. If you manage to pack a cordless one, the range of motion is also greater, giving you more flexibility.

Since a reciprocating saw tends to be smaller than a full-sized chainsaw, it is also lighter in weight and will take up less space in your trunk. If you’re unfamiliar with this useful accessory, there is a helpful reciprocating saw guide that can clarify things.

Pole Saw

You’ll often see that a pole saw is recommended for hunting trips as well. These saws differ from reciprocating saws in the sense that they’re even easier to store thanks to their long and slender design, and they are the go-to tools for branches, tree limbs and anything else that gets in the way of your path.


If you’re more used to working with a chainsaw, then by all means bring it along for the ride! Sure, it does take up more space and is a lot heavier than our previous two options, but a chainsaw gets the job done well and possesses more power for tough and stubborn obstacles.

For firewood, it can take a while to gather enough with one of the smaller saws, and a chainsaw can do the job in less than half the time. Sometimes you may also come face to face with a fallen tree, and the larger chainsaw will be no match for this potential obstacle.

Leaf Blower

Another useful power tool to keep with you that is  not a saw is a leaf blower. Yes, it’s not very inconspicuous and is actually quite aggressive, but it will clear your hunting paths in no time at all and uncover potential hazards and reveal any previously laid traps by other hunters.

Hedge Trimmer

Depending on the terrain, a hedge trimmer can also prove useful to bring with you on your hunting adventure. It features the same benefits as a saw, but it clears unwanted greenery from your path. It allows you to reduce bushy plants and growths to bring you a clear visual of your hunt.

A hedge trimmer can also come into good use when you’re setting up your base camp. The ideal location could be shrouded in shrubbery, so having a hedge trimmer can quickly clear the ground for your camp setup.

Benefits of Power Tools on Your Hunting Trips

We all know noise can scare away potential game, and power tools tend to emit more sound than simple handheld ones. If this is the case, then why even pack power tools? Let’s explore some of the benefits of having these tools handy.

Potentially Low Noise

Power tools, especially battery powered ones can have a virtually noiseless operation – if you know which to pick. Husqvarna saws are excellent for low noise emission thanks to their lithium-ion battery and quiet motor.

Quick Clearing

As all hunters know, it can be tough to get a good view of your target when thrush and ferns surround you. Having a powertool on hand can help you clear the ground and control your cover quickly and efficiently.

It gives you the opportunity to do some recon a few hours before the actual hunt and clear out all the unnecessary clutter.

Land Control

Being able to clear your way with the right power tools will give you control over the route and access trails. Heading through dense shrubbery and overgrowth can increase the risk of you brushing against dangerous plants. It also prevents tripping hazards and gives you a clear line of sight for any potential harmful animals like a bear waiting in the wings.


Because a power tool is much more powerful and better balanced, when you operate it to clear your path, there are less chances of injury and more control. With uneven force, folding saws can snap or accidentally cut too far, but power tools are easier to adjust.

Operating power tools will require less effort on your part, which means a quicker and more precise job. Less exertion also means less sweat, so your scent won’t ward off potential game.

Better for the Environment

Not only can power tools have a quieter operation than their gas-powered counterparts, but they also output lower emissions. Lower emissions are better for the environment and electric or battery powered tools are also more durable and tend to last longer.

We always vote for power tools rather than gas guzzling options for the benefit of lowered noise and emission pollution.

Easy to Pack

Power tools that run on battery power are usually smaller and more compact. You might fear that they lack the power their more conventional competition can provide, but as technology advances, so do the capabilities of these tools. The smaller power tools save space but can still get the job done.


Many hunters out there may like to pack light on a hunting trip. However, if you have base camp set up somewhere and will venture out further into the wilderness to hunt, then packing some of the power equipment we mentioned above can help clear a path.

There are endless benefits to packing power tools such as saving you the effort of vigorous movement, lowers noise and emissions, and it gets the job done quickly and painlessly.

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