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Plano’s College of Bass Wraps Up

For the past eight weeks, Kevin VanDam and Steve Pennaz have been dropping knowledge on anglers the world over through Plano’s College of Bass. They were joined by a host of special guests who shared their secret techniques and strategies to help anglers catch more bass. Though the live show has ended, you can still tune in and learn from the pros by visiting Plano’s Facebook page or YouTube channel. 

The duo opened episode seven with viewer questions, covering everything from retrieve speed, lipless crankbaits and going pro. Brian Latimer joined in to talk about deep and shallow cranking. Latimer added insight into an often overlooked aspect of fishing, boat positioning. KVD took a deep dive into the role electronics play in fishing and how to get the most out of modern technology to put more fish in the boat. 

Episode eight was all about the viewers, with Kevin and Steve taking questions from the public for the entire hour. Edwin Evers stopped by, giving anglers insight from the two first-place anglers at once on a wide range of topics. What lures to use and when, how to upgrade lures, color choice and line selection were all covered. And everyone’s favorite friend from the frozen North, Bro Brosdahl, popped in to chat. 

Plano’s College of Bass has concluded for the year, but you can catch past episodes from anywhere you can get a signal. Past guests include Brent Chapman, Ott Defoe, Skeet Reese, Jeff Gustafson, Kristine Fischer, Jordan Lee, Clark Wendlandt and more. Catch up with all the great tips, tricks, and fishing know-how later on Plano’s Facebook page —all from the comfort of your own home.

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