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Protect Your Big Game Meat with Koola Buck Anti-Microbial Game Bags and Spray

Early season big game hunting means hot, often humid weather – the perfect time for flies and microbes to spoil your hard-earned game meat. That is, unless you’re prepared with Koola Buck Anti-Microbial Game Bags and Anti-Microbial Game Spray.

“We began Koola Buck with our portable walk-in coolers to help hunters from coast to coast keep their game meat pristine, both in camp and at home,” said Brad Lockwood, owner. “Taking the next step was the introduction of our unique anti-microbial game bags and game spray. Both are designed to reduce the ability of bacteria to grow on your game meat, keeping it as fresh as possible prior to the final aging and butchering process.”

Koola Buck Anti-Microbial Game Bags come in several sizes, from individual deer body bags, deer and antelope quarter bags, elk and caribou quarter bags, all the way up to XXL bags for moose and bison! Koola Buck also offers a Heavy Duty line of bags for deer, antelope, wild hogs and more. These Heavy Duty bags are two times thicker than standard bags for added tear resistance.

All Koola Buck Anti-Microbial Game Bags are permeated with a proprietary blend of natural, flavorless acids derived from fruits and other bacterial inhibitors to stop spoilage organisms on the surface of the meat before they even get started. The bags are made from a tightly-woven, stretch, form-fitting cotton/polyester blend, with a double-stitched bottom, and vacuum sealed for sanitation and easy packing. All told, there are 13 different options available, with MSRPs ranging from $8.99-$39.99.

Koola Buck Anti-Microbial Spray is produced using the same patent pending blend of anti-microbial inhibitors used in the company’s game bags. A patented “Bag on Bottle” Technology is used to keep the aerosol propellant from mixing with the anti-microbial spray inside the can. When applied generously to the skinned carcass, it will dramatically lower bacteria and mold growth, and prevent flies and insects from laying eggs on your game meat. By lowering microbial growth you can age your carcass longer with less waste and spoilage while ensuring the safety of the meat you feed to your family. One can treats 2-3 deer or wild hogs, or an entire elk, moose or similar-sized game animal. It’s a great companion for use with standard game bags. MSRP is $12.99.For more information on Koola Buck’s complete line of game care products visit

Headquartered in Brookville, Pa., Koola Buck is a leading designer and manufacturer of portable refrigeration systems, meat hooks, anti-microbial game bags, game-processing videos and the Hide Ripper deer-skinning machine. For additional information on Koola Buck and its full line of products write to: Koola Buck, 494 Service Center Rd., Brookville, PA 15825; call (814) 849-9695; or visit

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