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RCBS® ChargeMaster™ Link with Bluetooth® Delivers Hands-Free Reloading

RCBS®, the leading manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment for rifles and pistols, has announced the introduction of the new ChargeMaster™ Link powder dispenser. The Link is built off the rock-solid load cell and electronics found in the popular RCBS ChargeMaster Lite, but now offers best-in-class Bluetooth®  technology to make reloading easier than ever.

The RCBS ChargeMaster Link’s Bluetooth capabilities give the discerning hand-loader the ability to run the entire unit from their smartphone using the free, newly redesigned RCBS app. This not only allows a user to save custom loads on the app, but to run the machine more quickly and efficiently. Hands-free operation with the app also means a reloader never has to touch the dispenser during the weighing process, ensuring more accurate readings.

“The Link is the perfect dispenser for the budget conscious handloader that is looking for a dispenser that is going to deliver consistent powder charges each and every time but does not need all of the additional features that our other models provide,” said Will Hemeyer, Sr. Product Manager for RCBS. “We take great pride in producing the highest quality dispensers on the market and know the ChargeMaster Link will deliver more consistency than the competition.”

The ChargeMaster Link boasts 0.1-grain accuracy and a 2000-grain load cell capacity. The unit can run on an external battery, meaning reloaders can operate it at home or in the field without being tied to power cords. The unit also features a universal four country CE approved power supply and LCD display with intuitive push-button controls.

ChargeMaster Link has an MSRP of $349.95. For more information or to view other RCBS reloading products, visit

About RCBS

RCBS has dedicated itself to the craft of reloading ammunition since it was founded in 1943. RCBS started with one simple bullet die and has grown into the leading manufacturer of reloading equipment for rifles and pistols. Reloading is an exact process with tight tolerances. It requires precision and skill to be done correctly. That’s why RCBS makes state-of-the-art products – everything from presses, dies, shell holders, powder measurers and priming products. All are backed by RCBS’s industry-leading reputation to give you a premium reloading experience. RCBS: Precisioneered Reloading. For more information, visit, connect on Instagram at or on Facebook at

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