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Rigby launches pioneering new Dagga Boy Award to aid scientific study of mature African buffalo bulls

London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. is calling on hunters around the world to take part in its new Dagga Boy Award, which will in turn aid a new scientific study initiative providing invaluable data about the populations of African buffalo across the continent.

Designed to gather scientific data whilst highlighting the importance that a buffalo’s age is more important than its ‘inches’, the bi-annual award promotes ethical hunting and a healthier, stronger population of all six species of African buffalo. 

Only bulls which have surpassed breeding age and are wild and free-ranging from self-sustaining herds, hunted in an ethical, fair chase, track, walk-and-stalk manner are eligible for entry. To take part, hunters are requested to email a detailed description of a hunt as well as photos of qualifying bulls they have taken in the past 10 years up to the end of the 2021 hunting season.

For the first time ever and with Rigby at the forefront, this initiative will enable leading buffalo scientists to compare first molar tooth wear with signs of aging for all species of buffalo from all over the African continent and determine at what age other species of buffalo, from other parts of Africa, attain Dagga Boy status. The information collected will ensure more sustainable hunting and the betterment of the species overall. 

The panel of judges is made up of Rigby’s managing director Marc Newton, Dr. Kevin Robertson and legendary PH Robin Hurt. The winner will receive the Dagga Boy Cup and a Rigby .416 Big Game rifle worth £9,150. The Professional Hunter that guided will also receive a Rigby .450 PH rifle worth £8,340. The award will be announced at a cocktail reception to be held in Dallas during the 2022 Dallas Safari Club Convention. All qualifying entrants to the inaugural Rigby Dagga Boy Award, will be invited to the reception.

Entries must be submitted by 15 December 2021 and should be sent to For a full list of entry requirements, terms and conditions please visit:

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Source: Huntinglife