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Adjustable and Mobile Spotting Scope Mount Makes Scouting Easier

Hawke® Optics, the leader in high-quality, high-value precision sporting optics and mounts, has an easy-to-use window mounting option to go along with their wide range of spotting scopes. This Spotting Scope Window Mount helps you take a better look at subjects from the comfort of your vehicle.

Spotting scopes give you the opportunity to study and enjoy from a distance that doesn’t intrude into the natural habitat, as well as scout from longer distances when hunting. If you’re hunting large game in the western states or in any wide-open area, using a spotting scope to glass is beneficial. The most important tip for using a spotting scope is keeping it steady. That’s where the all-important mount comes into play. You can use a tripod, which is a great choice, but does require some setup. Many spotting scope users opt for a window mount, and the Hawke Optics Spotting Scope Window Mount is a perfect blend of ease of setup and adjustability. This makes it a quick way to get setup and viewing – all from the comfort of your vehicle.

Imagine you’re driving along, checking fields for deer activity when you spot something that catches your eye. From a distance, you can tell it has big antlers, but you don’t know how good just yet. You reach for your Hawke Optics spotting scope, attached to the Window Mount, and it takes just seconds to attach the foam-padded clamp to your window. You adjust the scope to the right angle and location and just like that – you’re viewing the buck you’ll be chasing this season.

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