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SENTRY SOLUTIONS – The Oil Free Gun & Gear Care Choice

SENTRY Solutions gun care products have been around for years. Are you still cleaning and oiling your guns, knives, and gear? Read below why SENTRY Solutions’ dry lubrication system will stop this vicious cycle and let you enjoy more range time, not cleaning time!

Let’s start off with the SENTRY Original Tuf-Cloth, a 12″ x 12″ lint-free cloth in a resealable pouch that is a CDLP Cleaner, Dry Lubricant and Protectant all in one. This go-to cloth will give you literally hundreds, if not years of use. Keep one in your range bag, your gun locker, even your glove compartment. After a day on the range, simply wipe guns off and stow them away. Next time you pull them out for a day of training, you’ll notice that they aren’t tacky or oily and they are lint and dust free. Amazing! It’s SENTRY’s unique dry lubrication technology that does it.

Unlike traditional cleaners and lubricants, the CDLP in the cloth wipes away any dirt and fingerprints and leaves behind a micro bonding shield making metals non-stick, leaving a protected surface that does not attract and hold debris. Performance, reliability, and accuracy are enhanced; cleaning becomes as simple as brushing off and re-wiping. You will find that even after thousands of rounds, guns look like they haven’t been fired and residue is just wiped away.

SENTRY Tuf-Glide comes in a handy applicator bottle or pen applicator, both excellent choices for hard to reach areas and to “re-activate” your Tuf-Cloth after hundreds of uses. Tuf-Glide’s CDLP technology not only removes the gunk, protects from debris, lint, and dirt sticking to the metal parts, but it also lubricates and protects against corrosion and rust (without sticky oils) and keeps parts moving and functioning at their optimal level even in extreme heat and cold – no gunk freeze-up!

You’ll find more uses for the Tuf-Glide in your tool arsenal, too. Don’t forget your knives need protection too!

What is little, is mighty, especially when it comes in the form of SENTRY Hi-Slip Grease. Offered in either a 2 oz. jar or 12cc syringe, Hi-Slip Grease is a concentrate, in that, a little will go a long way for lubing and protecting against corrosion, especially from salt water, sweat, and any powder residue. It prevents galling on metals such as stainless, blued, titanium, and aluminum, even under high loads and extreme conditions.

Hi-Slip Grease, once applied, does not migrate and will protect metal surfaces in temperatures from -54C/-65F to 343C/650F. If you’ve got some training to do in Antarctica or the Yuma desert, this is the stuff to protect your firearms.

A handy tip from gunsmiths: Use Hi-Slip Grease to hold those tiny and tricky springs and washers during assembly. Saves an afternoon on your knees looking for one tiny spring under your dusty work bench.

Although, you shouldn’t make it a habit to look down a gun barrel, bore and barrel cleaning is a fact of life. SENTRY Smooth-Kote Bore and Barrel Treatment is the answer to cut down time and how often your bores and barrels need attention.

How do they do that? Smooth-Kote is based on the same oil free technology using a molydbenum dry lubricant to protect against friction, fouling, and wear. It’s fast drying properties micro bond to the metals and, here’s a big benefit, it actually enhances accuracy, bullet velocity, and reliability. It also eliminates grime and it reduces extreme fouling, leading to less time and less frequent cleaning your bores and barrels!

Once you try SENTRY’s BP-2000 Powder, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get on the SENTRY Solutions bandwagon before. This super unique dry lube powder is made from pure powdered, sub-micron, passivated molybdenum disulfide that naturally micro bonds to any metal surface. In other words, it reduces the coefficient of friction, and if that doesn’t make sense – it reduces friction 20 percent more effectively compared to an oiled surface.

You’ll find a smoother and lighter trigger pull, eliminating trigger creep for a crisp release and reset.

Breaking in a new pistol or rifle? Hate the barrel-break-in time? Using BP-2000 Powder will significantly reduce barrel-break-in time AND significantly reduce the number of rounds needed in the process. These days, anything to help save on ammo costs is a good thing!

SENTRY Solutions products are an essential part of gun and knife care. Protecting what protects you and your family shouldn’t be left to products that cannot stand up to tough environmental conditions or the ravages of time and moisture. The benefits of using SENTRY Solutions products are:

  • Oil Free – no gunk or oils to collect dust, dirt, and debris
  • Actually continues to lubricate while functioning – keeping guns and knives clean and protected
  • Prevents corrosion. Marine Tuf-Cloth and Tuf-Glide is designed specifically for salt-water or high humidity environments
  • Improves the functioning of the firearm or knife. Improves accuracy and reliability
  • Fast-drying, micro-bonding
  • Use on multiple types of metals
  • Keep in mind all the metal products you use that could use some SENTRY Solutions attention – tools, bicycles, boats, fishing equipment, motorcycles, and so much more.

Ready to include SENTRY Solutions products in your next gun, knife, or gear review?

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About SENTRY Products Group, LLC™:

SENTRY Products Group™ is headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The company designs, manufactures, and distributes a growing line of innovative products supporting Military, Law Enforcement, and Shooting Sports markets. Product families include Tactical Nylon – plate carriers, belts, pouches, and accessories; Bags and Packs, Firearm Covers for handgun and long guns, Magazines, and On-Gun Accessories branded SENTRY Hexmag; Optic Covers branded SENTRY Scopecoat®, and the dry lubrication system of SENTRY Solutions. With an innovative product portfolio backed by US and International patents, SENTRY backs all of their products with a hassle-free Lifetime Warranty to protect your investment. “Live to Protect.”

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