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Fans of the big cutting SEVR™ Titanium 2.1 will want to take a close look at the new blade design added by SEVR last year. Reintroduced as the Ti 2.0, SEVR’s most popular head now has a more swept-back blade angle and re-engineered deployment arm geometry.  The new deployment arm geometry exposes more of the blades’ leading edge for added cutting surface. The two enhancements result in up to 15% more penetration than the original Ti 2.1. 

The SEVR2.0 comes in three configurations: 100 and 125 grain (for standard 8-32 threads) and 100 grain (for Deep Six threads). All 2.1 ferrules can be retrofitted with the new 2.0 replacement blades.

SEVR broadheads are sold exclusively at For a limited time, SEVR is offering FREE shipping on any order with code: SEVRFREESHIP

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