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Shimano brings Infinity Drive to the new Calcutta Conquest

Bass won’t know what hit them

There is no doubt that bass are America’s favorite fish. Fervent anglers stalk bass from shore, glide silently through the cattails in paddlecraft, and roar at highway speeds in sparkling boats to beat the competition to the ultimate honey hole. No matter how they fish, bass anglers across the country – and indeed, around the world – are united by a common adoration of baitcasting gear. Now, Shimano elevates the casting reel to all new levels of smoothness, precision, and pure power with the redesigned Calcutta Conquest 100 and 200.

Sporting a round profile and timeless aesthetics, the Calcutta Conquest delivers Shimano’s flagship features – including never-seen-before technological innovations – to anglers demanding the very best. Largemouth in the thick stuff, smallies on the rocks, and spots on the ledges won’t know what hit them. 

The new Calcutta Conquest 100 and 200 are the first Shimano bass reels to include Infinity Drive. Born offshore — where powerful sport fish push the limits of both tackle and anglers alike — Infinity Drive uses a new main shaft supporting structure to eliminate friction within the pinion gear and delivers up to a 26% increase in winding torque under load. Anglers experience the benefits of Infinity Drive when retrieving a high-resistance lure or when cranking in a fish wrapped in thick grass, as every turn of the handle requires less effort to get that heavy load moving toward the boat. “The smooth cranking power of the new Calcutta Conquest is unmatched,” notes Shimano pro angler Jason Plant, “and provides the advantages that anglers need to tackle supersized fish.” Infinity Drive leverages Shimano’s exclusive engineering capabilities to make bass fishing in heavy cover or with oversized baits easier and more enjoyable.

Shimano’s MGL Spool III enhances the versatility of Calcutta Conquest. This ultra-lightweight spool requires less torque to rotate than a traditional spool, achieving up to a 15% reduction in starting inertia than its predecessor. With MGL Spool III, Calcutta Conquest delivers longer, more accurate casts and allows anglers to present lighter lures than with traditional baitcasting gear. 

Calcutta Conquest’s Infinity SVS system makes delivering light lures with precision easier than ever before. Shimano’s newest innovation in brake system technology, SVS Infinity provides easy-to-manage, consistent spool control and brake force. With brake weights that use inner friction against the raceway during the cast, SVS Infinity controls spool speed for more accurate casting.  An external adjustment knob provides for quick, precise adjustments to accommodate changing lures or conditions. 

Casting and retrieving with Calcutta Conquest is smooth, thanks to Shimano’s SilentTune and MicroModule Gear. By applying slight pressure to the bearing holding the spool, SilentTune reduces the vibration of the bearing during high-speed rotation. As a result, anglers will notice that casting is quieter and that the rise in spool rotation is smoother. Calcutta Conquest’s MicroModule Gear creates a smooth retrieve with an entirely new gear set that uses smaller teeth and more of them. This provides additional contact points between the pinion and drive gears, delivering a smoother and more efficient gear train.

“The aesthetics of the new Calcutta Conquest are truly exceptional,” continues Shimano pro Jason Plant. “Its round profile is a classic look, and fits securely and comfortably in the palm of your hand as you fish. The polished brass finish is a real eye-catcher, letting your partner and your competitors know that you’re bringing your best when you’re on the water. Every time you turn the handle, you’ll appreciate that the reel’s stunning good looks are matched perfectly by the intricacy of its design and functional supremacy; form blends expertly with function in the new Calcutta Conquest.”

Arriving this spring to tackle retailers, three new Calcutta Conquest models are ready to deliver an entirely new, effortless bass fishing experience every time that anglers pick up a rod. The CTCNQ100HGA (MSRP $549.99) is an extremely versatile reel with a 7.4:1 gear ratio that retrieves 30 inches of line per revolution. The smallest of the Calcutta Conquest models, this reel has 13+1 ball bearings, 9-pound max drag and capacity for 110 yards of 8-pound test mono. The larger CTCNQ200A (MSRP $569.99) is an ideal choice for slower retrieves, with a 4.8:1 gear ratio that recovers 22 inches of line with every turn of the handle. This reel sports a 13-pound max drag and capacity for 110 yards of 14-pound test mono, or 190 yards of 30-pound test PowerPro. A left-hand retrieve model of this reel (CTCNQ201A) completes the new Calcutta Conquest family. Learn more about Calcutta Conquest by visiting

Bass fishing is an incurable obsession. Leverage Shimano’s engineering supremacy in the new Calcutta Conquest 100 and 200 for more powerful winding, longer and more accurate casts, and smoother retrieves on every trip.

Calcutta Conquest Features:

Infinity Drive 

MGL Spool III 


MicroModule Gear 

HAGANE Body (Al) 

S-Compact Body 

Exciting Drag Sound 

Cross Carbon Drag 

SVS Infinity 

Super Free Spool 

S3D Spool 


About Shimano

Leading the fishing industry in innovation and quality for 100 years, Shimano’s manufacturing capabilities allow for anglers worldwide to enjoy their time on the water to the fullest. We designed the entire lineup of Shimano products to elevate angler experiences with features that continuously evolve to push the boundaries of modern fishing tackle while raising the bar for the whole fishing industry.

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