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Suitable Ammunition for your Survival Guns

Are you looking for good-quality ammo for your survival guns? Here are some options you can consider.

Whenever you are faced with a life-or-death situation, having a gun in hand will not only ensure your safety but also the safety of the ones surrounding you. However, having a gun is only half of the story; having the correct kind of ammo is also important. If by chance you made the mistake of buying ammunition that’s not suited for your gun, it’ll make the process of reloading your gun difficult. That will provide no help with your situation.

Reloading ammo swiftly and effectively in a survival scenario is crucial, which is why you should always be mindful of the kind of ammunition you choose. If you are confused about your options, then don’t worry. I’ve shortlisted a few types of ammo that are great for your survival guns.

Things to Consider When Buying Survival Weapons and Ammunition

Walking into a firearm store can be intimidating, especially when there are so many guns and ammo to choose from. Luckily for you, you already know what purpose your firearm is supposed to serve.

You have to remember two things when you’re buying a survival gun or ammo.

  1. Both the gun and its ammo should be lightweight. Movies and games make guns look almost weightless; I speak from personal experience. It wasn’t until I handled a real rifle (from a police officer who was nice enough to indulge my curiosity) that I realized how heavy they were.

In a survival situation, you most likely will be on the run, and you can’t have your weapons slow you down. Therefore, be mindful of the weight.

  1. The size of your bullets is also something to be wary of. The larger the bullet, the heavier your pack. Larger bullets also contribute to high recoil (this is when the force of shooting a bullet pushes back the gun toward your body), which can be unfavorable when you’re in danger.

Controlling a gun’s recoil takes years of practice, and too much recoil (even for a veteran) results in inaccuracy. The last thing you want when you’re in fight or flight mode is for your shot to go completely off target.

Ammo Types That Are Best for Survival Guns

To avoid confusion when choosing ammo, here is a list of some of the best kinds of ammo for survival guns:


If you’re looking for something that’s great for beginner survivalists, then the 9mm might be a great option for you. It can be used in a wide variety of guns such as pistols and pistol-caliber rifles.

These bad boys are one of the most frequently used varieties of bullets for survival guns, mostly because they are very easy to get. They will also be of great use to you in the long run because of their size and weight. They are small and lightweight, which means you can pack a large number of them, therefore the 9mm will last you a long time. The 9mm bullets will also help you with controlling the recoil. They are smaller, so they won’t produce an insane amount of recoil.

It’s a very good bullet that’ll take down your target when you’re trying to defend yourself.


For those of you who don’t know, LR stands for long rifle rimfire caliber. This is one of the best kinds of bullets manufactured for survival guns. Not only are they readily available and made by almost every common manufacturer, they can also be customized to your needs. They are generally very affordable, but the custom option might cost you a few extra bucks.

Like the 9mm, it’s also great for the long run and is also lightweight. In a normal setting, you will be able to carry more than 1000 rounds (that’s a lot of bullets, just so you know).

These bullets are great for hunting, but because of their size, they aren’t the best in terms of self-defense. However, when in a pinch, it’ll definitely get you out alive from a flight or fight scenario.


If you’re more into shotguns, then consider getting 12-gauge shotgun shells. Unlike its other contenders in this list, this isn’t as cost-effective. This kind of ammo is made for weapons that are used to shoot aerial or four-legged targets. It’s used primarily by police officers and the military.

Basically, if you want to one-shot your enemies as you do in video games, then these bullets can prove to be extremely lethal. They are able to take down targets within a short-range pretty effectively—perfect for when something is charging toward you.

308 Winchester

The 0.308 Winchester was made especially for survivalists who love to hunt. It’s also a great dupe for the 0.22LR.

Although a close contender to the 0.22LR, it’s actually a little better. This bullet is built for long-ranged guns; it boosts accuracy and is excellent for a quick kill. You can shoot and take down targets up to 800 yards away from you.

Because of how it boosts accuracy, it is also a very popular choice of bullets to use in sports as well. 

5.56 NATO

While we’re on the topic of long-range weapons, the 5.56 NATO was also made for such a purpose. It’s commonly used in the military but is also great for hunting and self-defense. Like the 0.308, it also helps with accuracy. These bullets can also be used in your weapons to greatly improve your aim. Consider using these rounds whenever you hit the practice range.

357 Magnum

These bullets are great if you plan on carrying a revolver. There are quite a few downsides to this kind of ammo. It tends to pack more blunt force than penetrating power. This means that it’s an effective bullet when it comes to stopping and stunting your targets. From a long-range at least, that’s the best you can do. So if your intention is to secure yourself an escape path, then this might be something you would like.

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