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Tasmanian Tiger® USA Introduces New TACVEC Series Products

New TT TACVEC products include a TT TACVEC Container Bag, a TT TACVEC Pouch 1 and the TT TACVEC Weapon Fixation for long-barreled weapons. All the new TACVEC products attach to the TT Modular Front Seat Panal for police/SWAT or military vehicles.

Tasmanian Tiger®, a tactical nylon line of products distributed exclusively for the US market by Proforce Equipment, Inc., increases its offerings in the TACVEC series. The TACVEC series of products are designed for use in police and SWAT vehicles providing instant accessibility, customization, modularity, and scalability of medical, tactical gear and tools.

The first new item for 2021 in the TACVEC series is the TT TACVEC Container for storage and emergency gear. The bag is divided into three parts with hook-and-loop color-marked and writeable strips for product identification. Easily stored and fastened under the front seat for quick access, the TT TACVEC Container can be work bandolier-style while on a mission.

It has MOLLE hook-and-loop on the back and a flap with hook-and-loop with quick-release fasteners. There are two carry features on the bag, one is a carrying strap that is adjustable and removable, and also a hand-held, durable handle. Perfect for tactical and military vehicles, the TT TACVEC Container bag also makes an ideal civilian bug-out bag. Available in Black or Carbon for an MSRP of $109.00.

Another new item in the Tasmanian Tiger TACVEC series is the TT TACVEC Pouch 1, a quick-release equipment bag that attaches to the TT Front Seat Panel with a Zipper adaptor. The 12” x 11” x 4” bag has a plenty of storage room inside the pocket with MOLLE hook-and-loop and elastic loops for organizing gear. Because of its size, the TT TACVEC Pouch 1 must be used solo on the TT Front Seat Panel as it cannot accommodate the Pouch 1 and the TT Weapon Fixation. Available in Black or Carbon for an MSRP of $89.95.

The final new TACVEC Series item for 2021 is the TT TACVEC Weapon Fixation, a height-adjustable, long-barrel firearm holder for use on the TT Modular Front Seat Panel. The weapon is attached and secure with hook-and-loop or with a quick-release system. Cannot be used in conjunction with the TT TACVEC Pouch 1. Available in Carbon only for an MSPR of $59.99.

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About Tasmanian Tiger®:

Tasmanian Tiger®, a division of Tatonka GmbH, is an international brand founded in 1999 to provide user-design-driven nylon products to elite warfighters and law enforcement in Europe and Asia. From prototype to production, all products are manufactured in the company’s own facilities, thus ensuring a consistently high level of quality throughout the production processes. All products are quality checked prior to leaving the facility and checked regularly by independent international test centers.

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